Bet You Didn’t Know ~ Disney Baby Products That Are Organic

Happy April dear readers! I can’t believe we are four months into the year already. April is a green month in more ways than one. The over abundance of white stuff is melting away revealing patches of green and promises of warmer weather and April 22nd marks International Earth Day, a time to celebrate the beautiful planet we live in and a reminder to take care of our home for future generations.

We try to live as ‘green’ and eco-friendly as possible and have included our children in the process while opening up discussions along the way to teach them about why organic products and foods are better for us and the planet we live in. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see so many companies introducing so many products to their current line that are either organic or eco-friendly. Disney Baby just happens to carry a very wide range of these products.

Surprised? I sure was! Bet you didn’t know these 30 products are actually ‘green’ and eco-friendly.

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