Baby’s First Trick-Or-Treat Bag ~ 10 Reusable Bags For Halloween

You’ve got the costume, you’ve planned out the treats, but what about the bags? If you are going trick-or-treating you are going to need something to put all those treats in. Personally, I’m not a fan of plastic. We try to use reusable bags as often as we can and I’ve been known to refuse plastic on many occasions, slipping my purchased goods into a bag that I’ve already brought along with me.

Needless to say, you won’t find any disposable bags in this round-up!

  • Pumpkin DIY Bag

    Pumpkin DIY Bag

    I really wanted to include a DIY trick-or-treat bag because some of you may not live in close proximity to a Disney Store and we are cutting it a little close with delivery dates.

    This bag is ideal for baby’s first Halloween and can be customized in 4 different ways. The pattern is a 4-in-1 allowing you to match a costume, create a jack-‘o-lantern, a monster or create a frilly princess version. You can purchase it directly through birdsongbows on Etsy.

  • Be Brave

    Be Brave

    Merida *might* be my favorite princess of all time. If you haven’t seen the movie, run (don’t walk) and rent it. You can choose several styles and colored trims for this bag which can also be customized with a wide range of images from the movie.

    The customized Merida bag can be purchased through the Disney Store

  • The Spiffy Pillow Case

    The Spiffy Pillow Case

    Did you ever trick-or-treat with a pillow case? This is a fun take on that particular tradition, offering a little more personality with a soft felt handle and fun felt appliquéd features.

    You can purchase this bag through Pottery Barn Kids.

  • Our First Halloween

    Our First Halloween

    It’s sturdy yet soft, perfect for your child’s first Halloween bag! Email the seller with your baby’s first name and they will personalize the bag for you. You can find this bag through DJammarMaternity on Etsy.

  • Where's My Water?

    Where's My Water?

    I am slightly obsessed with these “Where’s My Water” bags. This particular style can be customized with your preferred character (choose from 9 different ones) and there are also 19 different bag/color combinations to choose from.

    You can purchase this bag through the Disney Store

  • Zoom Zoom

    Zoom Zoom

    Lightning McQueen will put you in high gear for Halloween night. After October 31st, use it for daily runs to the shops and as your child’s toy/book bag.

    This bag is made from 80% recycled materials and can be purchased through the Disney Store

  • Is Halloween Ready For Baby?

    Is Halloween Ready For Baby?

    “I’m ready for my first Halloween but is Halloween ready for its first Me?!”

    Oh how true is that! This is a humorous take on the traditional “baby’s first Halloween bag” and is completely customizable (you can switch up the colors/wording if you so choose). The bag is digitally printed on a 100% cotton material and can be purchased through zoeysattic on Etsy.

  • Dash!


    The Incredibles make an appearance with this Dash-themed organice tote. Customize it, change the character art and create the bag that is just right for you.

    You can purchase this bag through the Disney Store.

  • BOO!


    Made from soft felt and lined in cotton, this round litlte structured bag is spooky in a cute way and coordinates with pretty much any and every costume.

    You can purchase this bag through Pottery Barn Kids.

  • Pretty Princess

    Pretty Princess

    Every little princess deserves a dreamy tote and this one fits the bill perfectly. The bag is made from 80% recycled materials and can be purchased through the Disney Store

Reusable trick-or-treat bags are great because not only can you use them again for upcoming years, they can also be used for for books, trips to the library and other outings.

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