A Cute Book For Your Little Monster

I sort of have a thing for Little Golden Books. Perhaps it is the nostalgia they bring back from reading them when I was a kid, but whatever the case, when I see a good one, I can’t help but snap them up. Such was the case with this little gem I found while I was out running errands today. The cute illustrations caught my eye and with Monsters University coming out next month, I couldn’t resist getting a sneak peek.


I love that they took a new book, Monsters University, and made the illustrations look fun and vintage-y. The art has that lovely midcentury look reminiscent of the illustrations of the talented Mary Blair who I absolutely adore. And while the book may be a little beyond the age range of the tiny readers here at Disney Baby (my daughter included), I thought it would make a fun addition to her future library.

Even though the content is more advanced, the bright colors and art make up for it and my little one was totally enthralled in all the monster pictures and happily sat through a reading of the book. It would be perfect as an added bit of functional decor as well if you happened to be going with a Monsters Inc. theme for your little one’s nursery!

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