A Book of Names and Faces

I am a huge sucker for any kind of product you can personalize with pictures. This has only been heightened now that I’m a Mother. We take a million pictures of our daughter, so it’s fun to use them in unique ways. One of my most favorite items we’ve made is called The Book of Names and Faces…

  • The Big Book of Names and Faces

    The Big Book of Names and Faces

    Add your own picture to the cover and start filling the pages with friends and family…

  • Mama


    My fingers are crossed that this is my daughter’s favorite page! Ha!

  • Dada


    Love how each page has large, crisp pictures and a brightly colored “name” page.

  • Grandpa


    Grandparents are a must to include!

  • Auntie Carrie

    Auntie Carrie

    My sisters live far away and my daughter doesn’t get to see them much. This is the perfect way to remind her just how much they love her!

  • Erin


    You can fill the book with whoever is important in your little ones life.

  • Chris


    It’s so fun to chose pictures that represent the person’s personality.

  • Rachel


    Make sure to include your kiddo’s little friends as well.

Pinhole Press makes fantastic products you can personalize with your photos. We love the quality! With the Book of Names and Faces, we filled the pages with pictures of our family and friends. We read it to our daughter each night. It is by far her favorite book. She loves to see all the people who are so important in her life. We make up stories to go along with the pictures and change it up form night to night. It works out great for us because a lot of our family lives far away. It’s an awesome way to get our daughter familiar with who they are so she remembers them when they visit.

We love this book!



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