15 Heartfelt & Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom

Valentine’s Day has turned into somewhat of a family affair since my husband and I became parents. We were never ones to go ‘all out’ on this holiday but we did make an effort to do something romantic. Red roses, romantic cards and dinners out were the norm. Things have changed just a tad since then. We still give each other cards and gifts, but they’ve taken a different turn. We save the romance for the cards and the gifts are presented to “Mom” and “Dad”.

When it comes to gifts, handbags are always a win, win. Disney fans may be surprised to learn that Disney and Dooney & Burke collaborate on various bag designs each and every year. They are usually limited edition pieces and each and every one is quirky and cool in its own right. For those of you looking for inspiration for your own wish list or gift ideas for that special mom in your life, here are 15 of my favourite picks.

  • Handbag Heaven

    Handbag Heaven

    Like most women, handbags are one of my weaknesses. This gorgeous designer tote from Dooney and Burke is made out of leather and has a super cute sketched pattern featuring Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell and many of your favorite characters as well as the Disneyland and Walt Disney World banners.

  • Personalized Necklace

    Personalized Necklace

    I’m always on the lookout for personalized necklaces and this personalized loop necklace is my new favourite. You can purchase it in gold or silver and it can be customized with whichever names or dates you choose.

  • Wristlet


    Every lady needs a cute clutch and this Dooney & Burke wristlet bag is a good pick. It offers a touch of whimsy thanks to Minnie’s trademark polka dot bow print.

  • Love. You. Mom.

    Love. You. Mom.

    I love you mom. Those are four words that we never tire of hearing. These three little pears can be placed on a mantle or window sill as a sweet reminder to your mama.

  • Keychains


    Personalized keychains make such great gifts for so many different reasons my favourite – she’ll have your gift in her hands or by her side at all times.

  • I.O.U.


    Treat your mom 16 times with this gift box filled with vouchers or I.O.U.s. Each one lists a different activity that mom can use when she needs. Examples include: chores, housework, at home spa day, etc.

  • 101 Messages In a Bottle

    101 Messages In a Bottle

    Tell mom how much she means to you in a special way with this gift of 101 Messages In a Bottle. Every message is unique and has been printed out, hand rolled and then bound with a red thread. If you prefer you can send 101 of your very own messages to the seller and she can personalize this gift just for you.

  • PJ Pants

    PJ Pants

    Treat mom to a little R&R this Valentine’s Day. Slipping into a pair of super comfy pajama pants before curling up with a good book, is one of my favourite ways to relax.

  • Etched Glass

    Etched Glass

    Talk about different. This etched wine glass can be personalized with your choice of birth dates or you could even have it etched with an anniversary date!

  • Cinderella Glass Slipper

    Cinderella Glass Slipper

    Renowned designer Arribas designed this beautiful Cinderella Glass Slipper featuring a frosted heart glass heart on the toe. The entire piece has been crafted out of solid crystal and can be personalized with a saying, name or date if you so choose.

  • Accessories


    Scarves are welcome gifts especially during this time of year. I love the heart details on this soft lightweight infinity scarf.

  • A Rose is a Rose

    A Rose is a Rose

    A bouquet of roses is a traditional gift that never goes out of style. Red, white, pink, yellow or a variety of long stemmed roses is a romantic and thoughtful way to show mom how much you care.

    Photo credit: Beverly & Pack on Flickr

  • Peekaboo Valentine Cards

    Peekaboo Valentine Cards

    A handmade card is one of the most heartfelt and meaningful gifts when it is made with love. This fun peekaboo card idea is a sweet and simple gesture that you can help your little one create.

  • XO


    Keep things simple and bake mom a batch of cookies to show how much you care. These Hugs and Kisses cookies are fun to make and taste delicious!

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