Pets and babies can co-exist together! Get helpful tips on how to help pets and babies live (peacefully) together under one roof, how to help your little one get comfortable around furry friends, and more.

That's Brilliant! | Closet Nurseries

Have you seen this brilliant new trend? Closet nurseries are getting more and more attention as design savvy moms and dads who are short on spare rooms transform a spare closet into an amazing little nursery for an infant. It’s brilliant really since babies are hardly ever in their rooms and don’t need much space at all. Click through these amazing small places and get inspired!

Our Little Urban Farmer

Yesterday our little family welcomed six (yes, SIX) new members. They happen to be baby chicks who we will be raising as egg layers and we were so excited to introduce them to our daughter. Her favorite book/song in all the world is “Los Pollitos Dicen” (in English it means: “The Baby Chicks Are Singing”). We told her that Daddy would be bringing home some “pio pios” (that’s what we call baby chicks, because in Spanish the baby chicks say “pio pio” instead of “peep peep”), but we weren’t sure how it would go. Here’s a little slideshow of how things played out…

Our Little Urban Farmer

Babies + Animals = Cuteness

Babies are cute. Animals are cute. Put them together and you have a total explosion of cuteness.

Babies + Animals = Cuteness

VIDEO: Fern and the Cat

Every Friday my baby goes over to her grandma’s house for a few hours in the morning so I can get some work done. Since she’s been doing this regularly over the past couple of months she’s developed a keen interest for Grandma’s cat Bianca (we only have a dog, which is probably part of the attraction), and last week while she was there my mother-in-law took a little video of them and sent it to me and I thought it was pretty cute. You’ll be able to see Fern pulling herself up in the video as well – her new favorite trick!

10 Things I Want Our Baby to Know About the Family Pet

Few things warm my heart like watching our baby play with Briggs, our faithful chocolate Lab. With five-year-old triplets constantly running amok, and an 11-year-old to boot, so often our baby is left to his own devices while we try to (momentarily, at least) regain control. And you know who always keeps him company?

Briggs. That’s who. The other “child” who’s been, from time to time at least, lost in our chaotic shuffle. And what’s so great is that you can totally tell that Luke LOVES Briggs.

But just the other day, something occurred to me. Briggs is almost ten and Luke’s only one. If something were to happen to Briggs in the next couple of years, Luke might not even remember him. I truly don’t think this will be the case, as it seems ol’ Briggs has plenty left in the tank.

Still, though, such a thought does give me pause. And if anything ever did happen to our family pet in the next year or two, there are so many things I’d want our baby to know about him. Here are ten of them.

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