Pets and babies can co-exist together! Get helpful tips on how to help pets and babies live (peacefully) together under one roof, how to help your little one get comfortable around furry friends, and more.

5 Tips for Balancing Your Dog With a Baby

Before we had our son, my husband and I decided to start off with a dog. We’ve had our beagle, Scrappy, since we got married almost 8 years ago. He was our little “fur baby.” But after we welcomed our son last year, there was definitely an adjustment period in which we had to learn how to balance the two. It was challenging at the beginning, but now we’re very happy our little “pack” has stuck together.

Here are a few tips that might help you balance your dog with a new baby or toddler:


Go For Family Walks: Instead of taking the baby out in the stroller for a walk alone, bring your dog along too. It’s a great way for the entire family to get some exercise and fresh air.

Have a Routine: When it’s time to feed your baby or toddler breakfast, feed your dog his meal as well. This way your pet is not eating late in the day and it helps you stick to a routine.

Have Your Toddler Help Out: Our toddler loves to help out with the feedings too. In the mornings he’ll say “mama, Scrappy” and I know it’s time to feed our beagle. He’ll grab his food bowl and we’ll practice counting as I scoop the dog food in the bowl.

Naps: To avoid having our dog’s barking wake up our little one (especially from unexpected knocks on the door from FedEx or UPS) I would put a sign on my door that read “please leave package at the door–don’t knock.” Hey, I guarded my son’s sleep like a mama bear.

Get Help From Your Partner: Don’t try to do it all yourself. Split up the doggy duties with your partner. For example, you can split up the walks and feedings. Our beagle sheds a lot, so we would also split up the brushing.

Do you have any tips that have helped you? 


Baby's First Pet

Before Alex and I became parents to tiny humans, we were parents to the most adorable schnauzer on the planet. Jaxon was a dream dog. He was lovable and patient and loyal – everything a dog should be. When Liam came along, Jaxon took to him right away. The two became fast friends.


Mommy, What Are These Furry, Purry Things?

Now that Judah is seven months, he’s been exploring the world around him with such excitement and curiosity. When we first brought him home, our cats got to know our baby but now that he is reaching for everyone and everything, he’s discovered our cats. Judah has been absolutely fascinated by our two cats in the past couple of weeks. You might even say, he’s as curious as a cat!

Our baby has finally discovered our cats… but what do they think of him?

Fun with Little Ones: Go to the Fair!

As a parent of a busy toddler, I am always looking for fun new ways to keep her happy, entertained, and engaged. I love doing new things together and watching her experience the world for the first time, which is why going to the fair was the perfect summer activity for us. Before I had a little one, the fair basically meant rides and deliciously fatty foods, but all the animals and exhibits are so fun when you have a kiddo in tow! My daughter is obsessed (seriously, that’s an understatement) with animals. She has been able to identify basically all farm animals for months now, along with many house pets and jungle animals as well. BUT…she had never seen any real-life farm animals! I know we live in Oregon, but we don’t live in the country or anything, so it’s just not something she gets to experience (aside from our own 17 chickens). I couldn’t wait to take her to see the animals at the fair – and the experience didn’t disappoint. Check it out, and then look for a fair in your area – your little one will love it!

Fun with Little Ones: Go to the Fair!

Cats and Babies: A Purrfect Pair!

When we brought Judah home to Massachusetts after five weeks in the NICU in New Jersey, we realized on the way that we hadn’t exactly prepared his big furry brothers for his arrival. While our two cats are lovely creatures, we weren’t sure just how compatible cats and a new baby would be. Thankfully, introducing our baby to the cats went smoothly, and we’re all getting used to life together as one big family.

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