Nursery Ideas

Get inspired by these adorable nursery ideas and themes. From décor to DIY, decorating inspiration to designer recommendations, find plenty of tips to help you create a magical kingdom for your baby.

Save Now On Crib Bedding Sets!

If you’ve been looking for your favorite Disney characters to decorate your little one’s crib, you are in luck, my fellow Disney-loving friend.

Right now, over at Toys”R”Us, you can save up to $40 on crib bedding sets from Disney, with prices starting as low as $159 for a complete four-piece set, including a comforter, crib sheet, dust ruffle, and everyone’s favorite feature: the diaper stacker. Click through to see some of the savings and fun character pieces!

Not Finding Out the Gender? Here's the Perfect Nursery

Whether you aren’t finding out the gender of your baby before they are born or you want something that will work for a baby of the opposite sex later down the road, you can’t go wrong decorating the nursery with this cute Dumbo set!

Dumbo Bedding

Enchanted Furniture for Your Disney Princess

Although I don’t have a daughter, I still find myself drawn to beautiful girly things. Princesses, frills, accessories…all of it. It’s too cute to resist, and the day I find out I’m pregnant with a girl is the day my budget might go down the drain. ;)

One of the most exciting aspects of welcoming a new little one home is preparing the nursery for their arrival. It’s therapeutic and FUN. ;) If you’re looking for an enchanting touch to your little girl’s nursery, be sure to check out the beautiful, princess-inspired, enchanted nursery furniture at Babies”R”Us from Delta. All of their pieces are currently 15% off if you use coupon code: 15OFF299 at checkout!

Pairing these gorgeous pieces with beautiful princess artwork and a pastel color-block quilt would look incredible!!

How We Recycled Baby's Outfits from His First Year

You might remember that a few weeks ago, I wrote about the First Year Outfit Quilt we were having made to celebrate and commemorate Wyatt’s first year.

Well, it’s back, and we couldn’t be happier! It’s the perfect way for us to remember all those wonderful outfits he sported and how small he was, especially once he hits the teenage years.

A Shared Room for Brother and Sister

When we moved into our current home with three bedrooms, we decided to put Liam and Isabel in separate bedrooms. We figured we had the space, and it would probably be better for both of their nighttime sleeping if they didn’t share. As time went on though, we were facing sleep challenges from both kids.

Liam was always leaving his room and coming to ours because he was scared. And Isabel seemed to hate sleeping in the crib and would often end up sleeping in Liam’s bed while Liam slept in our bed. It was like we were all playing musical beds all night long in our house. So one day we finally decided to try something new and throw the kids in one room together. Bonus: the third bedroom is now my home office. ::happy dance::

It’s been a great transition so far. Liam has taken on the role of protective big brother – making sure his sister isn’t alone and scared. He usually stays in his bed all night with an occasional early morning snuggle in our bed. Isabel still wakes at least once a night but will remain sleeping in her own bed rather than being paraded around the house searching for a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.

I love the way their room came out. The bunk bed is perfect for their age. I decided to make the room as colorful as possible since the rest of our home is pretty neutral. I wanted the space to be fun and kid-friendly. I don’t know how long they will be sharing a room but I’m thinking the next few years at least. I’m hopeful that in the long-run they will have a closer bond and a less entitled attitude since they are used to sharing.

Do your kids share a bedroom? 

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