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Get inspired by these adorable nursery ideas and themes. From décor to DIY, decorating inspiration to designer recommendations, find plenty of tips to help you create a magical kingdom for your baby.

5 Ways to Add a Dash of Disney Magic to Your Nursery

You’ve got the crib picked out, the matching changing table, and maybe even a rocking chair or glider set up in the corner, ready for those late-night snuggles. But maybe you haven’t quite figured out a nursery theme, or even a color scheme and you know you want your baby’s first room to be something special. That’s where a dash of Disney magic comes in!

Here are my four favorite ways to dress up baby’s room with some extra special finishing touches!

A Stunningly Detailed Toy Story Inspired Nursery

Toy Story is such a great trilogy of movies. The themes on power of friendship, belonging and growing up aside – it’s also a beautifully made designed movie, too! Andy’s room is a perfect inspiration for a little boy’s nursery, from its bright blue walls to other primary color touches. Here is one Toy Story inspired nursery that has an amazing attention to detail!

Dreaming Up a Minnie Mouse Nursery for My Niece

We recently found out that my sister is pregnant with a baby girl. We were all so ecstatic when we found out and I’m thrilled that my daughter will have a little girl cousin to play with. And of course we’re all buying cute outfits and brainstorming a cute nursery for little Ava. 

5 Trendy Nursery Designs to Look for in 2015

There’s no reason baby’s first room can’t be the most stylish room of the house! With lots of new design trends lately, here are my picks for the trendiest five nursery design styles coming to 2015!

Why I Chose Classic Pooh for Our Gender-Neutral Nursery

When I was pregnant with our first baby, my husband and I decided that we wanted the baby’s gender to be a surprise. Even though our entire family was convinced that we were having a boy, I knew that no matter what our baby was, he or she would eventually be joined by more siblings down the line.

Which left us with a dilemma for choosing a nursery theme–we wanted something that could work for either a boy or a girl, but would still be “pretty” enough for my liking, and would be able to be re-used for future babies that would join our family.

Enter the perfect solution: Classic Winnie the Pooh

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