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When it comes to being a mom, there are no rulebooks…but there are ways to make it just a little bit easier. These helpful mom-to-mom tips offer ideas, inspiration, creative solutions, and a little laughter, too.

5 On-the-Go Essentials for Your Breastfed Babe

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Little Miss Margot is exclusively breastfed at this point. We’ve worked really hard and overcome a lot, so I’m happy that I am able to nurse her. With two other children, we are frequently out of the house and on the go. Babies are usually known for needing everything but the kitchen sink when they are away from home, but the truth is, a breastfed babe (who isn’t yet eating solid foods) doesn’t need much. It’s a perk of breastfeeding, for sure! In fact, Little Margot needs so little that I usually don’t take a diaper bag with me. Instead, I just put a few necessities in my purse and off we go!

Here are 5 on-the-go essentials for your breastfed baby…

Why good2grow Juice Bottles Are My On-the-Go Lifesaver

I’ll never forget the first time I left the house without the diaper bag: it was like this moment of panic set in as I debated how long I could stay out with Judah until he’d need something from it. With perpetual mommy brain, forgetting the basics when I’m out and about can be an all-too-common occurrence. Thankfully, now that Judah’s older and doesn’t require a mini version of his nursery to travel with him, I don’t sweat it as much when I forget to bring along the diaper bag.

That is of course, until I forget one of his sippy cups. I can make do without baby wipes, his favorite on-the-go toys, or even snacks. But forgetting the sippy cup is kind of a big deal since Judah can’t drink from a cup. And while he can drink from a straw, it’s still kind of a hot mess unless we’re using his special straw cup.

And that’s when good2grow Apple Juice Bottles saves the day!

10 Totally Cliché Parenting Things I've Done

When you’re not a parent and you hear about some of the things parents do, you think “I will NEVER do that.”

But then you have your own child and … you do many of those things. It’s just hard to resist, sometimes.

Going to the beach with a baby

These eight are my most common cliche parenting moments:

Going to the beach with a baby

Magical Moments for Daddy & Son

Jon has about an hour commute to work each morning in downtown Atlanta where he works 40+ hours per week while I stay at home with Soren and also co-own a business with my best friend. Soren and I get A LOT of time together throughout the week. We have our special songs, activities and cuddle time each day but we just love when Daddy gets home from work. It’s so wonderful seeing Jon after a long day and Soren is all smiles when he get’s time with Jon.

9 Rookie Parenting Mistakes I've Made

It doesn’t matter how many books or websites you read, when the big moment comes where you’re a parent, you make some goofy little mistakes.

I rectified some of them with my second daughter (although I’m sure I’ve made a whole set of new ones). Here are nine that stand out to me as rookie errors my husband and I made:

Rookie Parenting Mistakes

Rookie Parenting Mistakes
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