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When it comes to being a mom, there are no rulebooks…but there are ways to make it just a little bit easier. These helpful mom-to-mom tips offer ideas, inspiration, creative solutions, and a little laughter, too.

Our Magical New Lunchtime Item

As a stay-at-home mom, I always have lunch with my two sons. Most days we are home for lunch and they sure do know how to make a mess when they eat! Thankfully, though, we were recently given an item that helps us keep the mess down. Read on and find out what it is!

I am totally obsessed with these waterproof, sleeved bibs from Bumkins.

I wasn’t sure how my boys would react to wearing something on their arms during mealtime, but they weren’t bothered by the bibs at all! It helps that the material is actually very soft and that it has pictures of KJ’s favorite characters on them.

We love the Monsters, Inc. decor from Disney Baby. The boys’ nursery is decorated with turquoise and bright green and gray so anything Monsters, Inc. usually matches the theme we have for the boys already.

When lunch was over, I removed the bibs and Voila!, no mess and totally clean shirts! KJ actually liked the bib so much he asked to wear it again at dinner. That has NEVER happened before.

I pack them into our diaper bag and take them with us to restaurants and parents always ask us where we got them from and compliment us on how clean our kids have stayed!

If I were you, I would definitely order a few of these for your little ones.

You can find an assortment of bibs, in different Disney Baby themes at Just click here!

Our New Favorite Laundry Detergent

I’m one of those moms who loves the smell of fruity laundry detergent and fabric softener, but I know that my babies’ skin is easily irritated by the harsh chemicals in those types of detergents.

I’m used to the baby-safe detergents having a bland smell but I finally found one that is gentle for my little ones’ skin but also smells great!

Check it out!

What I Miss Most About Having A Newborn

How is it possible that my youngest baby, Bentley, is going to be a one-year-old on March 1st?! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how quickly time flies by and how much I miss him being a teenie-tiny baby who slept most of the hours of the day, yet somehow barely slept at night.

Having a newborn can be a bit stressful because it definitely throws off your sleep schedule, but I really do miss those days when Bentley was brand new to the world, needing my help every hour of the day and night. There really is nothing like the bond between a newborn and his momma.

Here a few of the things I miss most about having a newborn in our house:

3 Must-Haves While Waiting in the Hospital with Baby

A few weeks ago, we had a little scare here at home. Somehow, my son cut the roof of his mouth after falling with something he had been playing with. Children always want to play with anything but their toys. No matter how hard you try to baby proof, accidents can still happen — especially with my active baby boy and his daredevil stunts.

My first reaction was to run to the ER, but my husband let me know that wounds in the mouth tend to self heal rather quickly, and since it didn’t seem like my 18-month-old was in pain, I let it be.

But by the end of the night, I was able to get a better look at the inside of his mouth. I am not sure what I saw, but it scared me and so I decided to head with him to the emergency room just as a precaution.

If you ever find yourself waiting with your toddler in the hospital, these three things will make it a lot easier:

Emegency room tips

Emegency room tips

Tips from a Pro: How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Baby

Other than going to JCPenney for photos, I had never worked with a professional photographer — let alone one who specializes in shooting outdoors with natural light.

After seeing beautiful images of a friend’s baby, I knew I had to shoot with this photographer as soon as I had the chance. As anticipated, the photos turned out amazing.

Tips from a Professional Photographer: Taking the Best Pictures of your Baby

Tips from a Professional Photographer: Taking the Best Pictures of your Baby
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