Mom Tips

When it comes to being a mom, there are no rulebooks…but there are ways to make it just a little bit easier. These helpful mom-to-mom tips offer ideas, inspiration, creative solutions, and a little laughter, too.

My Halloween Dilemma: Should We Do a Family Costume?

Now that we are a family of four, I feel like the pressure is on to go “all out” for our Halloween costumes. We’ve got two adorable little boys who would look cute even dressed as paper sacks… but Mommy and Daddy would look silly.

My dilemma is this: Should we dress all alike as a theme? Or should we dress as individuals in whatever we like the most?

Favorite Part Of My Day As A Mom: Putting My Boys To Bed

I know when you first read the title, it may come off like my favorite part of every day is when my kids are finally sleeping. Not true! Although, it is nice to be able to do the dishes without being interrupted or fold clothes without a little guy “helping” me and consequently unfolding everything I just folded.

The truth is, putting my boys to bed is my favorite part of the day for many reasons:

The One Thing We Can't Shop Without

When my son was a baby, it was so easy to take him grocery shopping. He actually slept through most shopping trips. I would take the time to linger through the aisles and thoroughly enjoy the quiet time.

But then all of a sudden, around the time he hit his first birthday, he grew increasingly restless in the shopping cart. Grocery shopping was challenging, to say the least.

But then we saw it. It was no regular shopping cart–this one was special. This shopping cart looked like a race car, and my son loved it right away.

7 Great Non-Edible Trick or Treat Goodies

I have a confession. I am one of those moms who gets a little worried about Halloween, because I dread the process of rationing out all the candy my kids come home with. Yes, I am definitely okay with more sweets than usual for Halloween, but even with that liberal perspective, the candy they come home with can often seem like way too much.

Our (Hopefully) Last Update on Macks' Journey to Gain Weight

Macks went in for his final weight check today. He turned eight months on Friday, and his pediatrician wanted to see us to get another check at his weight. He’s been speaking with our lactation consultant for the past couple of weeks and was very happy with the progress that we’ve made, so he wanted one final look at where we’ve made it in the past month.

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