Mom Tips

When it comes to being a mom, there are no rulebooks…but there are ways to make it just a little bit easier. These helpful mom-to-mom tips offer ideas, inspiration, creative solutions, and a little laughter, too.

Embracing My Post Baby Figure

In the world we live in today, there are so many expectations of moms. What type of parenting will you choose? Will you breastfeed or bottle feed? Are you going to baby-wear? There is no right answer for these questions. As moms we try to make the decisions that we think are best for our family. The question that I get most often and the question that I will never understand is: “How much of your baby weight have you lost?”  Apparently when you become a mom there are no boundaries when it comes to outlandish questions. Isn’t it rude to ask a lady her weight? I guess it was expected of me to bounce right back. I expected, hoped, and prayed that would be the case. In my case, that simply wasn’t in the cards for me. I am finally learning, that is OK.

Tips on Taking Beautiful Photos of Your Newborn

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a huge budget and be able to hire someone to take stellar photos of your family and new little one all the time, especially there to capture those beautiful, new moments? While getting family photos taken is wonderful, learning how to use what you have to beautifully capture special memories is a must. Now that most people have smartphones and, with that, access to a decent camera it’s easier than ever to quickly grab your phone and snap a few (or hundred!) photos of the newest addition to your family. Ever since having Soren, Jon and I have nearly used up all of our storage space on our phones capturing images of the little guy. We might be just a little obsessed. ;)

Packing a Diaper Bag For Two: Tips and Tricks

Recently I realized that in the next couple of months I’ll be packing a diaper bag for not only one, but two little ones. My daughter is still in diapers and also requires some toddler essentials when we’re out. And a newborn? Well…newborns require a lot of gear. I started feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the prospect of packing a diaper bag for two kids – would all of that stuff even fit in one bag? So, I decided to do a trial run and pack my bag with all the essentials for a newborn and a toddler and it ended up being a great success! I definitely had to pare things down from when I had my daughter and would bring along everything except the kitchen sink for even a simple outing to the grocery store, but I think it will be much better this way. I still managed to pack all the essentials to keep myself prepared, but not over-prepared. I figure, I can always leave some emergency rations in my car! Take a look in my bag and see what I packed along with a few tips and tricks!

Packing a Diaper Bag For Two: Tips and Tricks

10 Tips For Taking Baby To Disney

When I first saw that my cousin, Jacquelyn of j&j brusie photography, had taken her three-year-old son and not-even-four-month daughter on a Disney vacation, my first thought was one of incredulity.

What? I thought to myself. A baby to Disney? That would be torture!

But as it turns out, Jacquelyn and her family had a wonderful three-day trip to Disney–instead of the squalling, whining, exhausting fest I would be prone to imagine (I’m a fearful kind of mom, I guess), their family got to experience the fun and magic that makes Disney the stuff of memories that last a lifetime.

And although Jacquelyn is the adventurous, calm mom that would think of taking a baby to Disney in the first place, she also is passing along some tips for other moms for making a trip to Disney with baby picture-perfect. 

Breastfeeding Journal No.01

I’m 10 weeks into my breastfeeding journey with Soren. Before he was born it was one of the things I was most determined to be successful at. I wanted to do everything I could to make it work and stick with breastfeeding for 6-12 months. I think one of the main reasons I felt so passionate about breastfeeding was not just the obvious incredible benefits, but also because my husband has struggled his whole life with environmental allergies and a poor immune system. I wanted to give Soren his very best chance at having the best immune system I could offer him. So on January 29th, 2014, when Soren came into this world, it was game on.

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