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When it comes to being a mom, there are no rulebooks…but there are ways to make it just a little bit easier. These helpful mom-to-mom tips offer ideas, inspiration, creative solutions, and a little laughter, too.

11 Things I Love About Being a Mom

Every now and then, I just have one of those days. 

You know the ones I’m talking about, right? The ones where all the kids are grumpy, you’re doling out endless baths, and bedtime is nowhere in sight?

It’s days like that when I wonder if I knew what I was getting myself into when I became a mother–I knew it would be hard, of course, but you really can’t explain what it feels like to be in the thick of the doubt, the exhaustion, and the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed that can come with the hard days of motherhood.

But then I remember that for every one hard day I have as a mom, I have so many more good days. And on the bad days, it helps me to count my blessings and remember the things that I absolutely love about being a mom.

My One Piece of Advice for New Moms

There is so much information out there for new parents. It can be incredibly overwhelming. When I was preparing for our first child, I read so many books, blogs, and articles about babies. By the time he was born, I considered myself an “expert” and knew exactly how I wanted to raise him. I had all these preconceived notions about what was best and what kind of mother I would be. I set the expectations high and became irritated with myself and others when my expectations weren’t meant. It made me incredibly uptight.


The Beauty of Birth Photography

When I was pregnant with my son, I didn’t think about hiring a birth photographer. I guess I assumed my husband (a professional photographer and videographer) would take care of it. But the thing is, he was taking care of me. He was coaching me through contractions and helping me every step of the way. Luckily, my mom was also present. We handed her the camera and she did a pretty decent job capturing my son making his entrance into the world. I cherish those photos.

When we found out we were pregnant again, I knew I wanted to have a professional in the room with us to capture all the details of the birth. My friend, an amazing professional photographer, volunteered to provide this service for us. I am so thankful that she was there and that I didn’t have to worry about it at all. I could concentrate on laboring while my husband and mom could concentrate on helping me and making sure all the home birthing supplies were prepped and ready. Again, I cherish those photos. You can see the emotion and love in those special photographs. And I love that my babies’ births are recorded so we can look back and remember those life-changing days.

Did you hire a birth photographer? Have you considered using a photographer for future births? Check out this slideshow of some powerful birthing images. 

Next on Your To-Do List: Mommy's Day Out!

This weekend, my very best friend and fellow new mommy and I had the grandparents watch our little ones while we went on a mini getaway to Greenville, SC for the day. We wanted to do this for a while, but between schedules, work and nursing, things can get a little tricky. As well, I’ve found it mentally difficult to remind myself to STOP and try to take a little time for myself. I forget how healthy it is for my mind and overall being.

The 5 Words I Love to Hear as a Busy Mom

Life as a mother of four is starting to feel like my new normal. I’m no longer confused as how to manage them all. And while for the most part, I have it under control, it’s been exhausting. I’m often asked, “How do you do it?”

Quite honestly, I don’t really think about it, I just do it. To me, raising my daughters has been such a blessing I’m grateful for. That being said, it isn’t easy! I struggle to find “me time” even if it’s only for a few minutes for a cup of tea. Lately, I’ve been hearing five words that have been music to my ears and a relief for my arms.

My 5 Favorite Words to Hear as a New Mom
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