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5 Amazing Fourth of July Popsicles Your Little Ones Will Love

There’s nothing more summery than the Fourth of July, is there?

Parades, shorts and sandals, and, of course, a popsicle.

Your little one will be over the moon for these festive popsicles (and frankly, so will everyone else – they’re both pretty and delicious!):

American Flag Pops

7 Ways to Simplify Life as a Mom

I just wrote this post here about how I’ve been simplifying the summer life with my brood and what DIY tips and tricks have helped me get there. But I forgot to mention a few quick tips and life lessons to simplify your everyday as a mom. Sometimes it takes a quick refresher to remind yourself that you just need to live a simple life.

Creating a Cozy "Calm Down Area" for Your Toddler

Toddlers are so much fun! They are learning and growing and changing at every turn and seeing them take on new skills is one of my favorite things about parenting. That said, toddlers are not without their challenges, and one of the biggest challenges can be tantrums and behavioral issues. Toddlers are still just learning about the world and their emotions and frustrations are inevitable, but there are ways to help and a “cozy calm down area” is one of them! Keep reading and I’ll explain…

Creating a Cozy Calm Down Area For Your Toddler

It's a Rubber Duck Baby Shower!

My sister is due very soon with my sweet nephew, Beckham! We threw her a baby shower this past weekend and it was the cutest shower ever. If you are a fan of rubber duckies, stick around. Here is a recap of her rubber duck celebration.

5 DIY Projects That Are Actually Making My Life Easier Right Now

With all five kids home with me during the summer, I am always looking for ways to make my life a little easier. Easier said then done, right? Well thanks to my super-organized friends and Pinterest, I’ve been able to find some amazing life hacks that are really making my job a little bit more manageable during the summer months.

Take a look through my favorite tips for the summertime! 

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