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Surviving 3 Kids: A Trip to the Pool

I’m back today, sharing another post in my “Surviving 3 Kids” series here on Disney Baby. Today, let’s talk about a trip to the pool. No matter how many little ones you have, an afternoon at the pool can be a bit hectic. From keeping an eye on clumsy toddlers to avoiding the rowdy 12-year-olds (who don’t know to watch out for the clumsy toddlers,) it is a workout! This summer, we got a family pool pass and have been going a few times a week. Now that we’ve been at it for a month or so, I feel like I have a better idea on what to do and how to survive with three little ones at the pool…

The Only Potty Training Tip You'll Ever Need

Potty training. Just the words alone are enough to strike dread into the hearts of parents. There are plenty of books and blog posts out there promising potty training magic to the hopeful masses with titles like: “18 Easy Steps To Potty Training Your Child” or “How To Potty Train a Kid in 10 Days.” But, I’m not here to give you a laundry list or detailed how-tos. I am here as a parent who has tried to potty train the same toddler twice. The first time was a failure. The second time was a success thanks to the very wise tip of a friend. I am here to share the one and only potty training tip you’ll ever need.

The Only Potty Training Tip You'll Ever Need

My Favorite Potty Training Tips (and a Coupon!)

We’ve just begun to tiptoe into potty training territory, and I have to say, this has been one of the more daunting experiences in parenting thus far. Bee’s showing all of the signs that she no longer needs diapers (increased interest in the toilet, verbalizing when she needs to use the potty, etc.), but we’ve been on the go this summer and wrapping my head around the process has been tricky at best. So, I asked a few seasoned mamas how they tackled potty training their little ones and thought it might be fun to gather them all here for you! Enjoy!


How to Make Your Own Mango Iced Tea

Mango season is in full swing here in Miami. We have three mango trees on our property, and they are overflowing with the sweet delicious fruit. Honestly, my favorite way to eat mango is straight from the tree. Just peel it, dice it up, and eat it. But with so many mangoes, we have to get creative with how we consume them.

My husband loves being in the kitchen and trying new recipes. He’s an iced tea fanatic, so he decided to make a mango iced tea. I have to say, it was delicious. If you’re wanting to try an easy new mango recipe give this one a shot.


8 Ways We Manage "Toy Clutter" (Before It Takes Over!)

There aren’t many babies or young children in our family. My kids are actually the youngest. We also don’t have a very large family, and everyone loves our little ones to pieces, so you can imagine how much stuff my kids get. Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and of course, just because gifts have filled our home. It’s a blessing, indeed, but we also don’t want to spoil the kids. Plus, after a while, it starts to feel like we are living in a toy store. It became time to de-clutter.

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