How To Prepare For Baby

Great for first-time moms, or moms who need a little refresher, these invaluable tips will help you get ready for your little one's big arrival.

The Bright Side of Pregnancy Exhaustion

As I enter my 8th month of pregnancy this week, I’ve been feeling completely exhausted and foggy headed. Before this, pregnancy was flying by and I often found myself forgetting that I was even pregnant, but now? Time feels like it’s slowed to a standstill. I’m almost 31 weeks pregnant and with 9(+/-) weeks to go it feels like forever. My energy has decreased while my toddler’s energy has increased. By the end of each day I find myself counting the minutes until my daughter’s bed time when I can drop like a ton of bricks onto my couch. But, this past week I found out the reason behind my exhaustion…

The Bright Side of Pregnancy Exhaustion

5 Tips to Get the Most from Nesting and Spring Cleaning

Besides actually having a sweet new baby added to the family, my hands down favorite part of pregnancy is the nesting! At no other time during my life am I so driven to make positive and beautiful changes to our home. Sure, I’ll take part in a DIY project here and there, but there’s nothing like nesting to get me purging and cleaning around the house. In the past few months of my pregnancy, I’ve checked off more projects from my to-do list than I have in the past 2 years! Replace our old stained couch, check. Rid the garage once and for all of excess clutter, check. Create the giant ruler growth chart I’ve dreamed about for 7 years, the stain is drying as we speak!

Now imagine the power of combining nesting and spring cleaning! Now is the time to take advantage of these two opportune times to get your nest ready for the arrival of your highly anticipated little birdie. Check out the following tips I’ve implemented myself that have helped me get my home clean and in order.

Nesting and Spring Cleaning

Why It's Important to Ask for Help

Today is my first day since Macks has been born that I’ve been on my own with all three kids. It’s been six weeks since the day he came into our lives and I’ve had help for every single one of them. I am very lucky to have a very supportive husband and extended family that is willing to drop everything going on in their lives to help me when I need it. 

10 Things That Helped Us Get Through Breastfeeding Struggles

Of all of the things I have done in my life, breastfeeding has been by far one of the most challenging. It took a good couple of months and a lot of help before we got into the groove of nursing, but in the end I was able to nurse my daughter for 17 months and the beautiful bond we created through nursing was definitely worth the struggles. With Baby #2 due in a matter of months, I’ve been thinking a lot about breastfeeding again and thought I’d share some of the things that helped us get through our nursing struggles in the hopes that other mamas needing encouragement will find some here!

10 Things That Helped Us Get Through Breastfeeding Struggles

5 Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

If you are expecting a new baby or if you know someone who is, this post is for you! The birth of a new baby is just about one of the most exciting times, and should be celebrated! However, there are some rules for what is appropriate and what is not, what is super helpful, and what isn’t. As a mom who has been there, here are 5 great ways to celebrate a new baby. Make sure to share this with your expectant friends and family…

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