How To Prepare For Baby

Great for first-time moms, or moms who need a little refresher, these invaluable tips will help you get ready for your little one's big arrival.

5 Stunning Princess Nurseries

Whether you have always loved Cinderella or just wanted to create the perfect stunning nursery for your princess-to-be, you’ll love these five fabulous nurseries to inspire your own beautiful space for your future queen. From elegant draperies to DIY details, you can easily create a completely royal nursery.

Click-through five of my favorite nurseries for your sweet girl!


Why I'm Choosing An Epidural

In T-minus two months and counting (I’m the one that’s counting, for the record), my due date for baby #4 will be here and while I am simultaneously feeling joyful to not be pregnant anymore and meet my little girl, I am also not feeling terribly prepared for life with a newborn again.

What I do feel ready for, however, is birth.

Having gone through the labor and delivery process three times before, I’ve done the birth spectrum–all-natural birth with a midwife, laboring in the tub, and then with my last child, I chose an epidural for my labor.

And this time?

I know exactly what I want to do again.

8 Things I Wish People Had Told Me Before Having a Baby

When I had my first baby, I was pretty young. And I was the first one in my group of friends to have a baby. I didn’t have a ton of people to come to for baby advice. My husband and I did it on our own. We didn’t read books or go to classes. We just learned by experience and did everything we thought would be best for our child. Not much has changed now that we have three beautiful girls. Every day is a learning experience in parenting! But, I have to admit, there are a few things that would have been nice to know BEFORE we had a baby, the things we had to figure out the hard way…

A Greener Home for Baby

The products mentioned in this post were provided free of charge by Disney Baby; all opinions are my own.
It wasn’t until I became a mother that I began consistently reading product labels, searching for hidden toxins and chemicals I couldn’t pronounce. It’s an exhausting task at times, sifting through dozens and dozens of “green” or all-natural products, only to find a list of questionable ingredients littering most brands in the marketplace.

Naturally, I rely heavily on companies that take the guesswork out of the process, namely Baby ECOS. Here are a few of our favorites that have recently entered our household (and are here to stay!)…

You Know You're a New Mom When...

There is something about new motherhood that is such an unparalleled experience. No matter how hard you try to explain it to someone who hasn’t experienced it, you’ll probably still fail. It’s just one of those things that you truly can’t understand until you’ve gone through it, and once you have, you’ll be able to recognize the telltale signs of new motherhood when you see them in others, because it’s pretty unmistakable. Here are just a few ways others will be able to tell you’ve reached “new mom” status…

You Know You're a New Mom When...
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