How To Prepare For Baby

Great for first-time moms, or moms who need a little refresher, these invaluable tips will help you get ready for your little one's big arrival.

6 Ways Parenting Is Easier the Second Time Around

I spent a good portion of my second pregnancy gripped with fear concerning the prospect of having two children. There were plenty of days with one child that felt overwhelming, so the idea of adding another child on top of those overwhelming days felt nearly impossible. But of course, my son was born and almost right away I realized that these fears were unfounded. While it’s true that life has definitely gotten busier and that there it takes a bit more of a juggling act to find balance within our family, it hasn’t gotten “harder” really…just different. And in some ways I’ve actually found parenting to be a lot easier the second time around!

6 Ways Parenting Is Easier the Second Time Around

7 Sweet Disney Lullabies I Sing To My Baby

One day, when I am an old woman looking back upon my most favorite memories of my life, singing my babies to sleep will be at the top of the list. There is something about lulling your baby to sleep with the sound of your own voice that is just beyond words. I have quite a few songs in my lullaby arsenal, but some of my absolute favorites are Disney songs. Disney just gets childhood like no one else and their songs create a sweet nostalgia like nothing else can. I hope one day my children hear these songs and remember fondly the countless hours I spent singing them to sleep. Here are a few of our favorites…

7 Sweet Disney Lullabies I Sing To My Baby

Preparing Your Children For An Adopted Sibling

“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet
“You don’t spell it…you feel it.” – Pooh”


As our adoption plans slowly move along, we’ve been attempting a few intentional, practically ways to prepare Bee for the arrival of a baby brother. Today, I thought it might be fun to share a few methods that seem to be catching on as her excitement builds, slowly but surely!:

Disney Baby Christmas Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

Shopping for everyone on your list can be tough, but sometimes the mom-to-be can be especially tough to buy for. But with Christmas just a couple weeks away, it’s time to get that shopping done!

This Christmas, my sister is expecting her second baby (a girl!) and I know she would love any of these gifts. If you’re looking for some gifts for the Disney-loving mama-to-be in your life, check out these options:

50 of the Most Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

If you are expecting a little one, you might be looking for a unique name for your baby — a name that hasn’t ever appeared on any “most popular” list, and one that your little one won’t share with a handful of others in school.

My husband and I always liked unique baby names for our girls. We have three girls — Adair Lynden, Ingrid Grey, and Margot Joan – each with a different, beautiful name.

I’ve done a bit of research for you all and came up with a list of 50 of the most unique baby names for boys and girls. Which ones are your favorite?

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