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Find great gift ideas for every type of mom. From the practical to pampered luxury, these ideas will help you give new moms or moms-to-be what they really need.

Two New Diaper Bags You'll Fall in Love With

Each and every time a new diaper bag design comes out, I get a little excited. Handbags have a way of dressing up an outfit, and luckily you can use diaper bags for the same purpose. Gone are the days when frumpy diaper bags were the “norm.”

Storksak and Babymel are two of my favourite diaper bag companies, and I’ve sported both with all three of my children. Leather, canvas, nylon — I’ve tried them all. These bags are a little on the pricey side, but when you take the quality and style into consideration — they are worth every penny. In fact, I’m still using a Storksak bag from six years ago!

Both Babymel and Storksak have partnered with Disney on a couple of collaborations in the past, and they’ve just introduced two new styles that I think you’ll love.

The bag pictured above is the Minnie Mouse Diaper Bag by Babymel, and comes in a super cute satchel style. The bag includes a heart-shaped Disney Baby tag, a built-in insulated bottle holder, and plenty of interior pockets. Price: $89.95, on sale for $62.96.

The black and white Mickey Mouse Diaper Bag by Storksak is a gender neutral option and comes in a stylish black and white polka dot print. This one is made from a water repellent nylon and includes a padded changing mat and insulated bottle holder. Price: $129.95, on sale now for $90.96.

10 Outside-the-Box Push Presents for New Moms

Have you heard the term “push present?” Basically, it’s a gift for a new mama, given to her after she has given birth. Usually the father of the baby is responsible for gifting the push present. This idea is a new one and is often controversial. Some women feel like it’s an unnecessary thing that puts extra pressure on dad, while others feel it’s certainly a nice gesture after a long pregnancy and delivery. Typically, the push present is jewelry. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. In fact, a lot of women are given something custom made with the baby’s name or initials. But, if you are like me, jewelry isn’t always desired. I’d rather receive something unique and outside the box. Here are 10 creative push presents for new moms…

Health & Beauty Essentials for Moms

Did you know that Disney Baby carries an entire line of awesome health & beauty essentials for pregnant/new moms? Yep, it’s true! As a soon-to-be mama of 3, I look for products that are high-quality and take minimal effort. I don’t have 30 minutes to stand in front of the mirror anymore. I need products that help me look and feel great. Click through to see some of these great products…

Holiday Baking Made Easy: (Sugar-Free!) Peppermint Kisses Recipe for Busy Moms

Make it a candy cane Christmas for your little ones with these melt-in-your-mouth, delicious peppermint meringue kisses! So easy to make the traditional way or sugar- and dye-free!

I’m all about giving my little ones lots of treats over the holidays, without the worry of loading them up on sugar. Plus, if we’re being honest here…I’m happy to eat treats that aren’t going to buzz my brain out and land directly on my posterior! How about you? Thought so. Now for that ridiculously easy recipe…

5 Tips for Helping a Family in Need

There are certain times, during the holiday season and otherwise, when families you know might need a little extra caring. When new babies are born, or when someone is caring for a sick child, or has just experienced loss…these are all times when a thoughtful card, a homemade meal, or an act of service is particularly welcome. The problem is, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few tips that can assist you when you’re wanting to help a family in need.

5 Tips for Helping a Family in Need
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