Gifts For Mom

Find great gift ideas for every type of mom. From the practical to pampered luxury, these ideas will help you give new moms or moms-to-be what they really need.

How to Make a Quilt from Baby's Old Clothing

My beautifully talented friend Kacia of Coconut Robot is my go-to-DIY-sewing-guru. When I asked her how I could create a perfect first birthday gift for a dear friend, she shared this amazing idea with me: A baby bodysuit quilt. What more could a Mom ask for? All of her favorite clothes from her little one, put into one beautiful keepsake for years to come. It’s such a beautiful memory for any mother, and it makes the perfect gift.

Click through to see just how to make a quilt from old baby bodysuits!

5 Fun DIY Projects to Do This Weekend

Looking for something to fun to make this weekend for your little one? I came across loads of DIY projects to add to my never-ending Pinterest boards this weekend and I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you! I don’t always get as much time as I would like to create things for my littles ones but there is just something about handmade goodies. Grayson loves helping me when he can too! We had so much fun putting together a simple sensory bin. He was so excited to help!

Take a look through 5 easy yet fun DIY projects to do this weekend! 

A Love Letter to My Maternity Clothes

If you were to search the world wide web with its vast knowledge of pretty much everything under the sun, you would find a great many articles about how to avoid wearing maternity clothes or how to make your non-maternity wardrobe stretch throughout your pregnancy. This is not one of those articles. After having gone through nearly 18 months of pregnancy, I have to say that maternity clothes are pretty fantastic…so fantastic that I felt they deserved an ode…a love letter to make up for all the posts in which people try to avoid them. So here goes…

A Love Letter To My Maternity Clothes

10 Amazing Things About Moms

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of the things that make moms amazing. We all know that mothers are incredible and do, in fact, make the world go round. This Mother’s Day, make sure your mom knows how much she means to you. Here are 10 reasons moms are incredible…

Pamper Your Mom - For Less

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and what better excuse is there to pamper your favorite mother? Luckily, Basq’s incredible line of luxurious products for the body and soul are high on our radar, specifically the “It’s A Small World” collection. Sure, we’re partial, but what mother doesn’t have the fondest of memories seeing her child’s eyes light up with wonder at one of Disney’s most classic, well-loved rides?

Bring back that lovin’ feeling this year with Basq’s exclusive “It’s A Small World” line – and better yet? The entire collection is 50% off with promo code ISWMOM50, now through May 11th. Here are a few of our favorites!:

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