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15 Fun Activities For Toddlers and Their Not-So-Pinteresty Parents

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Pinterest mom. Of course I love to pin lovely things and clever ideas as much as the next mama, but my follow-through definitely leaves something to be desired. The fact is, I’m just not particularly crafty, I don’t love to cook and I detest activities that require a ton of supplies, prep and clean-up. I guess I’m just a minimalist like that. Thankfully my daughter has a grandma who is really into craftiness so she can go over there and make a crafty mess to her heart’s content, but it’s just not my thing. That doesn’t mean we don’t still do fun activities together though! These activities are a few that we love around here and that require little to no supplies or skill. My favorite kind of activity!

15 Fun Activities For Toddlers and Their Not-So-Pinteresty Parents

Baby's Summer Bucket List

Summer is ALMOST here. I am so excited to enjoy the coming season with my girls. Hot days at the pool, late nights enjoying ice cream… it’s the stuff that children dream of! There’s nothing like watching your little ones experience something for the first time – their first time seeing fireworks, their first time catching fireflies, their first splash in the pool! It’s magical! Make the most of your summer with your little one in tow. Here are 20 things to add to your summer bucket list this year…

The Challenges of Raising a Bilingual Child

When I was growing up my parents tried their best to raise me (and my sister) bilingual. But when I started school I was so used to speaking English all the time that I had little interest in speaking Spanish. It didn’t help that family members would snicker at me when I mispronounced a word or my accent was off. I felt embarrassed. So I just never spoke Spanish. My parents, bless them, tried to enforce a Spanish-only rule in our house. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “I won’t talk then.” Yup, I was a stubborn child. 

Spanish iPad app

10 Ways to Distract a Grumpy Toddler

Sometimes little ones get grumpy. Over time, you learn what their cries mean, and even further down the road, they start to talk and can actually tell you what’s wrong, but other times… Well, other times, you just feel like you’re at a loss. Even when they get a little bigger and have words to use, it can still be difficult for them to express more complicated emotions like boredom or frustration. My daughter has a pretty robust vocabulary and we have been working on naming emotions lately, but sometimes she’s just plain ‘ol grumpy. At times like these it’s helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to distract and redirect from a grumpy mood and stop it in its tracks, so I thought I’d share a few of my tried and true grumpy toddler distractions.

10 Ways To Distract a Grumpy Toddler

Fun With Little Ones: A Day at the Flower Farm

When you have little ones, it’s always fun to go out and explore and enjoy new activities together. There are a ton of great ideas on Pinterest and blogs, but sometimes the simplest things are the most fun and memorable. Such was the case when I took my daughter to our local flower farm. She LOVES to smell flowers and has a pretty extensive botanical vernacular – she can recognize and name dandelions, daffodils, tulips and camellias – so I knew she would love this outing. Within a 45 minute drive from Portland there is an annual tulip festival at a flower farm that runs through an entire month of spring, but somehow we managed to choose the day that ended up being rainy and muddy. Despite the weather we still had a lot of fun and I would highly recommend a trip with your little one to your local flower farm – or even just a garden center. She has a blast and there were plenty of great learning opportunities along the way! Here are a few photos from our day at the flower farm…

Fun With Little Ones: A Day at the Flower Farm
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