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6 Fun & Simple Ways to Make Summer Days Magical

There is just something about summer that feels special. The long sunshine-y days are just begging for adventures to be had and memories to be made. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that summer takes us back to our own childhoods and reminds us that the world is full of potential and wonder. When summer rolls around, it reminds me as a mom to stop and enjoy the little things and to create simple magic for my own little ones. Summer fun doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be magical though! Here are 6 fun and simple ways that we make summer a bit more magical around here!

6 Fun & Simple Ways We Spend Our Summer Days

6 Budget-Friendly Playtime Finds Under $20

Grayson is all about playing with his toys. Toys, toys and more toys. He loves them all! But he surely does have his favorites — from little cars to a pretend cell phone, just to name a few. The best part is that his favorite toys are all under $20, so if you’re on a budget, you might want to make a shopping list after reading this. These toys have been tried and tested by none other than Grayson!

Click through 6 toys you’ll love that won’t break the bank! 

5 Really Fun DIY Toy Car Activities

Oh for the love of toy cars. At 20 months old, Grayson is still beyond obsessed with cars, trucks, and any kind of moving vehicle. From masking tape to a pile of books — there are so many fun activities for toy cars and toddlers! Thanks to Pinterest, we looked for fun ways to use one of his favorite toys and I wanted to share them with you!

Click through 8 of our favorite ways to play with cars!

Spanish Lyrics to My Favorite English Nursery Rhymes

I love talking to my baby in Spanish, but when it came time to singing him nursery rhymes, I realized I ONLY knew English nursery rhymes. I couldn’t sing one Spanish nursery rhyme to save my life (well, maybe only “Los Pollitos Dicen”). I tried to translate the English nursery rhymes myself, but that was a complete flop. For example, I mistakenly translated “the itsy, bitsy, spider went up the water spout” to “la araña pequeñita subio la alcantarilla,” which basically means the spider went up the sewer pipe … eww!

But luckily, I soon realized a DVD of English nursery rhymes I bought my son also had Spanish captions. Oh my excitement! And not only that, but it actually does a pretty good job of translating the songs. Here are Spanish lyrics to some of my favorite English nursery rhymes. No more trying to make up your own lyrics!

7 Everyday Activities That Can Become Teachable Moments For Toddlers

Before I was a mama and a writer and a wardrobe stylist I was a preschool teacher. I have a degree in Child and Family Development and spent nearly a decade working alongside children and families in various capacities before following a different path. Even though I don’t have a career working with children anymore, I still use a lot of my training and education as a parent. One technique that has stuck with me and that I continue to use with my own daughter is the idea of teaching through everyday moments (AKA “teachable moments”). Once you become more aware of these moments on a daily basis, you’ll be able to find ways to help your little one learn and grow in a way that is fun for the both of you and that doesn’t require flash cards. This is the type of learning that truly makes a lasting impression and it’s never too early to start. Here are a few ways I sneak teachable moments into the everyday with my little one. Maybe a few of them will help to inspire you!

7 Everyday Activities That Can Become Teachable Moments For Toddlers
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