Games for Babies

Playtime brings out the child inside all of us. Get inspired by these creative games to play with Baby. Let your imagination run wild!

Rainy Day Ideas for Little Ones Under 2

In just a matter of time, the rainy season will be here. Although the temperature will be warmer, I’m sure we’ll still feel a bit of cabin fever as thunderstorms leave us trapped inside. From my experience though, rainy weather is way better on little ones than snow. We can still get outside to splash in the puddles (as long as there isn’t lightning) and it makes for a cozy, creative day indoors. As a stay-at-home mom, rain sort of forces me to get creative. It makes me come up with fun (and sometimes messy) ways to have fun with my little ones. Here are a few rainy day ideas for little ones under 2…

Rainbow Crafts for Little Ones

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Yes, GREEN is the usual way to go, but consider making some rainbow arts and crafts to celebrate all things St. Patrick’s Day and springtime! Here are 7 great rainbow crafts you can do with your little one…

Finding Magical Moments in Less Than Magical Places

Some days as a mother are just tough. As much as I love my daughter and love being her mommy, some days just aren’t always so magical. There are days when my child is grumpy and seems to have meltdowns at every turn and days when everything feels like a power struggle. There are days when I’m rushed and consumed with the zillion items on my to-do list and days when I am feeling exhausted and at the end of my rope. But, I’ve been learning something about these less than magical days lately…they still possess magical moments if we only take the time to look.

Finding Magical Moments in Less Than Magical Places

5 Ways We Make Bee Laugh

February can be a daunting month. Despite the Valentine’s Day-fueled messages of love and commitment, flowers and candy, it’s often bitter cold here in the Midwest with no sign of spring in sight. The dark gray skies seem to stretch the day longer than ever and both Bee and I have been extra restless in these parts. What’s a mama to do? Sip a healthy dose of laughter, the best medicine of all. Here are 5 ways we’re making Bee (and ourselves!) laugh on these dark, wintery days…


Olympic Playtime: Gold Medal Games With Baby!

In our house, it is pretty much Olympics-central: the 2014 Olympic Games are on our TV pretty much every hour they’re being broadcast. My husband and I have always loved the Olympics, and Larry was so excited to watch the Opening Ceremony with Judah last week. Even though Judah may be just a nine-month old infant, he’s already full of Olympic spirit and determination as he works to achieve all kinds of developmental and motor milestones with every day.

To help keep that gold medal spirit going, we’ve been adding all sorts of Olympic-inspired activities to playtime. Here’s a peek at some of our more adventurous activities!

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