First Birthday Party Ideas

Turning one is fun! Get creative ideas for your little one's first birthday. From party themes to recipes, decorations, and favors, find plenty of celebration inspiration.

Claire's Garden Birthday Party

We are on the verge of spring, I can just tell. This garden birthday party will get you in the mood for green grass, budding trees, and singing birds! When my friend’s daughter turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, they hosted the cutest little garden party, complete with rose cupcakes and handmade paper flower decorations. Click through to see more photos of this adorable little get-together…

A Vintage Baseball Birthday Party

Last weekend we were able to celebrate our little guy’s first birthday with all of our family and friend in vintage baseball fashion. I worried that the party would be stressful and I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy it but it was totally a breeze. We had hotdogs, cracker jacks, and lots of fun! Here are some of our photos from the big day!

Countdown to the Big One: Nautical First Birthday Party Ideas!

I can’t believe that in less than three months from now, we’ll be celebrating Judah’s first birthday! It’s like we blinked and suddenly our little newborn has turned into a babbling, rolling, giggling little man already. We’ve decided to throw Judah a nautical first birthday party! It’ll be right before Memorial Day weekend in May, so the timing is perfect for a New England-inspired nautical theme.

I’ve been so excited about planning his first birthday party, that I’ve been pinning and bookmarking ideas away for the last three months already… and here are some of my favorite nautical first birthday party ideas that I just had to share!

5 Tips for a Simple but Awesome Birthday Party

Ingrid’s second birthday is coming up, so I’ve got party planning on the mind. I have to admit, I love planning birthday parties. I love coming up with a theme and finding or making invitations, decor, and food to match. When she turned 1, we threw her a Birthday Bunny Brunch. It was adorable and so much fun to put together. This year, we are planning a book themed birthday party. (I’ll be sure to share it here, next month!) When it comes to party planning, I know it can be overwhelming. However, I truly believe that you can plan a simple but totally adorable party with these 5 tips…

Host a Frozen Party!

My children are currently obsessed with the movie “Frozen” in the biggest way. 

My five-year-old has the entire song of “Let It Go” memorized and The 3-year-old knows how to bring up the clip on You Tube and even my 18-month-old son flings his arms out wide and sways to the music in an adorable imitation of his sisters.

As obsessed aficionados, my girls have, of course, requested that their ever-generous mother to host a Frozen party for all their little friends. And I only so happy to comply, of course.

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