Get crafty with these easy do-it-yourself ideas and projects. DIY crafts add a special personal touch to Baby's space and to your home and are definitely one-of-a-kind!

A Last Minute DIY Advent Calendar

Someday I’m gonna be the mom that has it all together and plans everything weeks or months in advance. Or maybe not. There’s just something about that last minute rush that really gets me going.

Tomorrow is December 1st, and some families have beautiful and creative advent calendars ready to go for their little ones. But if you waited until the last minute and all of a sudden decided you want to have an advent calendar for your family – don’t worry, here is an easy and fun idea.

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

One tradition my girls and I do each year is bake cookies the day before Thanksgiving. My husband laughs because these are technically Christmas cookies, but we turn them into Thanksgiving cookies by using a leaf cookie cutter and some fall icing colors. My girls love helping me bake them, but their favorite part is decorating them!

Even young toddlers can help with this fun tradition. If you’re looking for a fun project to do over the Thanksgiving holiday, consider making some of these sugar cookies! (And make sure to save the recipe! They are THAT good!) 

4 Ideas for a Creating a Blessings Jar with Baby

I saw this adorable “Blessings Jar” on a friend’s Instagram the other day and I just thought it would make such a great family craft to do for Thanksgiving. 

The only problem, of course, is that my baby is not even four months old yet and can’t really articulate her blessings in life (if I had to guess, they would be something like: mom’s arms and milk), so I thought of a few ways we could make the idea of a Blessings Jar work for the whole family–baby included!

A Fun DIY Thanksgiving Placemat for Your Little One!

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving nearly a week away. While I am carefully planning our Thanksgiving menu, I’m letting my little ones get in on the Thanksgiving fun with some decor for their kids’ table. My girls love to paint and I am planning a fun and interactive kids table for them on Thanksgiving Day (I’ll share more next week) so I wanted them to help me personalize their table with some fun placemats.

These were not only fun for them to make (and get their hands dirty) but they will also double as a coloring mat for them during Thanksgiving dinner. 

Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving as a Family

Thanksgiving is one of those quick holidays that comes and goes too fast. I get caught up in the menu and sometimes miss the entire point of the holiday. With three little ones in the picture now, I want to make sure that Thanksgiving is a meaningful holiday for our family. I want to make sure that we practice gratitude and give thanks, and not just stuff ourselves full of turkey.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family, here are some great ideas…

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