Get crafty with these easy do-it-yourself ideas and projects. DIY crafts add a special personal touch to Baby's space and to your home and are definitely one-of-a-kind!

5 Ways To Take Some "Mom Time"

Take 20! It just 20 easy minutes. Schedule in some you time. As moms, we often work so hard to care for others that we forget to relax. But what you often forget is that you can take just a few minutes to relax sans baby. It doesn’t have to be a full-day “off,” and you don’t even have to leave your house. Just pick a time every day to make some time for yourself. Now, this doesn’t include doing the dishes without any interruptions or taking time to put laundry away. It means taking 20 minutes to do something you enjoy! It will help you be a better mom when you take time out of your day to regroup and give yourself a few magical moments.

Everything You Need for a DIY Baby Shower

Last week, I woke up to the most wonderful surprise. A group of friends (all friends online, none have I met in real life!!) surprised my friend Carla and I with a virtual baby shower. We woke up to find 14 different blog posts, all featuring amazing handmade items for baby – including baby shower invitations and refreshments! Not only did they surprise us online, but they ended up sending each of us all of their handmade goodies in the mail. From cute little burp cloths and baby shoes to nursery art and confetti balloons, they covered everything you’d need for a DIY baby shower! Take a look…

How I'm Documenting Baby's First Year

It’s true what they say, that the first year of your baby’s life seem to go by with the blink of an eye. It seems to go by even quicker when you have more children. That’s why I knew it was important for me to find a fun way to document Macks’ first year.  

Macks One Month Old

Ingrid's Book Themed Birthday Party

Over the weekend, my little Ingrid Grey turned 2! We celebrated her special day with a book themed birthday party! It was a small party, but still so cute. I did the decor and food myself, making it a simple, but special party for my little 2 year-old. Ingrid loves to read and I often find her off by herself, flipping through a book. We knew a book themed party would be the perfect way to throw a unique celebration for our little girl. Here are some of the adorable details…

Real Party Inspiration: A Bear-Themed First Birthday

When it comes to birthdays, I am of the strong opinion that the best celebrations are those that have personal details and a little extra love thrown into them. Such was the case for this adorable bear-themed party that Sarah Larsen hosted for her little boy Ivan’s first birthday. “As my 3rd baby’s first birthday approached, I wanted to ensure I kept my enthusiasm to celebrate such a milestone just as I did with my first two.” Sarah did a great job of achieving this and Ivan’s birthday was an adorable success – so many great DIY details and the love put into the process is clear. Check out Ivan’s birthday and be inspired!

Real Party Inspiration: A Bear-Themed First Birthday
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