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4 Signs That My Daughter Could Be Ready to Potty Train

My daughter is 22 months old now, which is only two months younger than my son was when he potty trained. Every child is different so I’m not in a rush to potty train if she’s not ready yet, but over the past couple of weeks she’s been showing a lot of interest.

Here are some signs that Isabel has been showing that she may be ready to potty train: 

How I'm Teaching My Baby to Use Utensils

My Isabel has always had an independent streak, especially when it comes to feeding. She would often reject purees, opting for small pieces of table food that she could pick up with her fingers. Now that she’s a little older though, I would prefer that she eat with utensils than getting her hands all dirty.

I purchased these Minnie Mouse utensils and have been trying to encourage her to use them. She loves the set. We’ve been practicing using them at meal times, and she’s really getting the hang of it. 

Our Favorite Chew-Proof Baby Books

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the Dumbo Soft Book for free.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, the very first purchase I made was a little vintage children’s book from a cute downtown boutique. I couldn’t wait to read it to her and eventually she arrived and I did read it…over and over. That is until she reached the age where she could grab things, because then all she wanted to do with that lovely, little, vintage book was shove it in her mouth and give it a good chew. Not ideal. Since then, I’ve discovered the importance of having chew-proof baby books.

A Few of Our Favorite Chew Proof Baby Books

How We're Teaching Wyatt to Help Clean Up

Cleaning up. As parents we probably spend more time collectively doing this than nearly any other activity. At least it feels like it! With Wyatt now nearly 16 months old, we’re having him help us put away his toys and learn the importance of helping. Some days he’s excited, some days he’s not.

Either way, for us it always starts with a song.

4 Tips for Library Story Time with Baby

Being a stay-at-home mom has caused me to look for all kinds of free baby/toddler-friendly activities to entertain my kids. Since we love reading books so much one of our favorite weekly activities is story time at the library.

My kids love getting out of the house but it can be a challenge keeping them in line at the library. Over time I’ve picked up some tips that have really helped us to enjoy story time. 

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