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5 Ways To Take Some "Mom Time"

Take 20! It just 20 easy minutes. Schedule in some you time. As moms, we often work so hard to care for others that we forget to relax. But what you often forget is that you can take just a few minutes to relax sans baby. It doesn’t have to be a full-day “off,” and you don’t even have to leave your house. Just pick a time every day to make some time for yourself. Now, this doesn’t include doing the dishes without any interruptions or taking time to put laundry away. It means taking 20 minutes to do something you enjoy! It will help you be a better mom when you take time out of your day to regroup and give yourself a few magical moments.

Our Disney Baby Wish-List

Just like most of my fellow Disney Baby moms I scroll through the site aimlessly wishing I could get this or that for Baylor. It is all so cute! I figured why not share with you guys some of our favorite Disney Baby finds that we can’t wait to add to our collection.

Travel in Style with Disney Baby Store 'n Go Booster Car Seats

We love to have style but safety is, of course, the most important thing! With Disney Baby Store ‘n Go Boosters from Walmart your kiddo is sure to be both safe and traveling in style. Not only are these booster seats trendy but they are also user friendly with storage under the seat to hold your little one’s most important treasures!

5 Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

If you are expecting a new baby or if you know someone who is, this post is for you! The birth of a new baby is just about one of the most exciting times, and should be celebrated! However, there are some rules for what is appropriate and what is not, what is super helpful, and what isn’t. As a mom who has been there, here are 5 great ways to celebrate a new baby. Make sure to share this with your expectant friends and family…

The Unique Way We're Preparing Our Toddler For a New Baby

The weeks are quickly ticking away leading up to the arrival of our new baby and aside from all of the usual getting ready for baby type tasks, we’ve also been in the process of preparing our toddler for the changes that are going to take place. I’ve read up on tips from others and tried to implement as many as possible, but I still didn’t feel like any of my tactics were working to get my daughter excited about the birth of her baby brother. When we would ask her about her baby brother she would either brush us off or respond with, “No. I don’t manna baby brother. I manna baby sister.” We’ve been hoping to find a way to get her to buy into the idea of a sibling…we’ve watched YouTube videos about babies growing in utero and read books about being a big sister, practiced with her dolls…but it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference. Then one night during our bed time routine and idea came to me as a fluke, so I tried it…and it worked! Ever since that night my toddler has been getting more and more excited to meet her baby brother. Wanna know the secret?

The Unique Way We're Preparing Our Toddler For a New Baby - Disney Baby
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