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15 Unexpected Ways I Use Baby Wipes

Before becoming a mom, I mistakenly believed that baby wipes were only good for wiping baby behinds. But, now I know better and I used baby wipes for EVERYTHING. I will be carrying baby wipes around in my purse long after my babies aren’t really babies anymore, because they are seriously that useful. AND…ever since I discovered these Huggies Clutch & Clean Wipes, they also got a whole lot cuter to tote around. But, I digress…here are 15 unexpected ways I use baby wipes!

15 Unexpected Ways I Use Baby Wipes

The Magical Allure of Stairs

Stairs. Gateway to freedom, exciting adventure, and jungle gym all bundled together for our little ones. But for parents, it’s a safety hazard that sends shivers throughout our bodies.

These past two weeks have been a flurry of exploration and discovery for our little guy. After deciding to take his first steps (and keep going) he’s also discovered the enjoyment of climbing the stairs.

The Surprising Trick That Soothes My Baby

When it comes to babies, there are some tried-and-true methods of soothing that most parents swear by. Once you know they are fed and have a clean diaper, you can offer them a pacifier, sway with them, swaddle them…but what if none of those things are working and you still have a crying baby?

The Surprising Trick That Soothes My Baby

How We're Dealing with Tantrums

Things are getting a little louder around the house as Wyatt continues to find his voice — one hilarious noise at a time. (Anyone else experience deep growls from their little one?)

Our little guy is also starting to assert himself much more, so when he doesn’t get what he wants, he lets us know.

Wyatt's First Steps Catch Us by Surprise

He did it! Wyatt took his first steps this weekend!

To say it was a surprise is a bit of an understatement. It was only a week or so ago when he first decided he would attempt to take an unsupported step or two. After a few tries of not making it too far, he wasn’t interested in much more.

But then it happened…

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