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5 Reasons I Love Having 3 Kids

I’m nearly 10 months into being a mom of 3. And I’ve got to say, it has taken some getting used to. With your first baby, everything is new and different, but totally wonderful. When your second comes along, you learn to juggle a bit and get used to meeting the needs of 2 tiny humans. But when your third is born? It’s survival. You don’t have enough hands or eyes. Sleep becomes a fond memory of the past. As hard and exhausting as it all is, 3 kids has been amazing. Here are 5 reasons I love being a mom of 3…

Packing For a Week at Grandma & Grandpa's

My wife and I will soon be traveling alone without our son for just the second time since he was born. The trip is partly business and partly vacation all wrapped into one. Which means he’ll be staying with grandma and grandpa for a week while we’re away. They are ecstatic about having him come visit and I’m sure he’s going to have just as much fun but packing for the week is a big undertaking.

Why We Love Our Son's "Lovey"

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Sleep dominates the talk in the first year or so of having a new baby. New parents commiserate over sleeping habits of their babies and the questions from others are usually focused on the nighttime hours.

“How are they sleeping?” “Are you getting any sleep?” “How many times is Baby waking up at night?” “Are they sleeping through the night yet?” That’s why we love having our go-to item to help make sleep (almost) a guarantee.

Reminding Myself To Let Them Be Little

I am the type of person who thrives on an accomplishment. Seeing a task or a project through to completion is something I live for. I enjoy turning chaos into order…organizaton…schedules. So, what happens when someone like me who longs for quantifiable results and having a method to the madness becomes a parent? Well, honestly, the answer is quite often frustration and impatience.

Reminding Myself To Let Them Be Little

How We Deal With Our Baby's Separation Anxiety

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My oldest, a little girl, has always been an independent, little thing. From the time she was a wee babe, she’s had no qualms about us dropping her off with the grandparents so we could have a date night, or about leaving her for an hour-and-a-half in a Sunday School class while we were in church. We were a bit spoiled in never having to deal with separation anxiety. But, my son has been a completely different story. He’s a total mama’s boy and clingy as can be. As such, leaving him has been a bit more challenging. Now at 7-months though, things have gotten much better and we can leave him for longer stretches at a time. There are a few things that have really helped us in this process as we figured out how to deal with our baby’s separation anxiety. Here’s what worked…

How I Make One-On-One Time for Baby Now That I Have Two Kids
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