Birth Announcements

It's time to introduce your little one to the world! These fun and creative ideas will inspire you to create one-of-a-kind birth announcements for your family and friends.

6 Sweet and Simple Newborn Photo Props

With my due date approaching in T-minus 6 weeks (give or take…but I mean…who’s counting?), I’ve started thinking about newborn photos. I think newborn photos are the sweetest, but I’m not a fan of making them super elaborate. Babies in tutus and dressed to be camouflaged in baskets of fruit just aren’t my jam. I love simple photography and beautiful natural light that allows the focus to be right on that beautiful little babe. That said, I think props can also be a great addition to newborn photos when chosen carefully. Keep those props sweet and simple and your photos will look great! Here are a few props that would be great for newborn photos and that you probably already have on hand!

6 Sweet and Simple Newborn Photo Props

Meet Margot, the Newest Disney Baby

Guess what we did just 4 days ago!?! We had a baby! Our sweet baby, Margot Joan, made her debut on Thursday afternoon at 4:17 pm, after a long and hard 24 hour labor. She weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces and was 19 inches long. She’s got tons of dark, fuzzy hair and deep blue eyes. She’s basically the sweetest thing ever and I can’t believe she’s finally here with us…

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am so excited to be the newest contributor here at Disney Baby. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and my family before I get into my routine of posting all about them.

Awaiting Our Newest Little Disney Baby!

Even after three pregnancies, finding out I’m pregnant for the fourth time is just as exciting as the first! My husband and I were so grateful for the blessing of having another child. With my first pregnancy, I came up with a cute little way to announce my pregnancy to my husband; I placed large stickers on my tummy spelling out “I’m pregnant!” Now that I reached my fourth pregnancy, I pretty much just blurted it out with tears in my eyes. I’d definitely say the emotion was still the same, pure joy!

Awaiting Our Newest Little Disney Baby! - Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

A Creative, Baking-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

This morning, I announced a surprise “little something” we’ve been cooking up…a BABY! That’s right friends – we are expecting Baby number two in early June and we are over the moon about it. We announced the pregnancy with a fun baking themed photo shoot and i love how it turned out. Caroline Dahlberg of Coeur de La Photography captured our family in such a fun and beautiful way and I thought I would share the photos here as inspiration for those of you with a pregnancy announcement in your future. It was a fun way to incorporate family photos with the pregnancy announcement and I’m seriously smitten with them.

A Creative, Baking-Themed Pregnancy Announcement
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