Bathing Baby

Bathing Baby is a precious part of the day. Read on for cute bathtime game ideas, toys and songs to make bathtime a bonding experience between you and your squirmy squirt.

Momfession: I Swore I'd Never Do The Character Thing

You know what I’m talking about.

Hands up those of you who pre-baby(ies) vowed to only have wooden toys, fresh air, sunshine and nature walks as forms of entertainment for our babies. Organic clothing sans logos, labels and characters. Ixnay on anything loud, bright slash border-line obnoxious.

Here’s the thing. That whole ideal lasted about 10 minutes into my 1st baby shower. My distaste for any and all characterization of toys and clothing for babies and toddlers has gradually flown out the window, because for all other intense purposes… LOOK >>>

Minnie Mouse Housecoat Slash Cover-up

My Fave Picks From The Disney Bath & Bedding Sale Event

Right now until April 18th the online Disney Store is hosting an awesome Bath & Bedding Sale event for baby.

With up to 40% off, the deals are hard to pass up and I’ve bookmarked quite a few favourites, specifically for bath-time >>>

Shop Amazon's Disney Baby Boutique

If you’re like me, you can’t help but love certain sites for the ease of online shopping. If one of your habits happens to be to heading to for your baby needs (me!), well, shopping just got a bit more magical. The Disney Baby Boutique (which is wonderfully simple to find at is a must-visit stop along the way to “checkout”. Not only does it feature some of my Disney Baby favorites (Grow-An-Inch-Snaps bodysuits, anyone?), the boutique has some really great prices. (Which means you get more bang for your buck as you work your way to free Super Saver shipping on a bunch of the products.)

In true Disney Baby style, you can shop the boutique by age (from expecting through 24 months), category (everything from ‘Strollers & Car Seats’ to ‘Gift Ideas’), or even character. And, as if retail therapy isn’t enough of a reason to check it out, you won’t want to miss the precious video at the top of the page for a reminder of how memorable those Disney Baby moments really are.

Here are some of the Disney Baby items that I’m loving on Amazon right now:

DB Store

12 Tips & Tricks for Surviving the Flu, From One Exhausted Mama to Another

I am writing this in the midst of a flu epidemic. Every Stroessner at our house has been gifted with an ugly dose of the stomach flu. Adair had it first. Then I got it. Like a game of tag, I passed it on to my husband. At 3 AM last night, Ingrid joined the club. Our pet fish, Truman, did not survive. (May he rest in peace.) We are one sorry bunch over here. To make things even more stressful, we are snowed in and we are supposed to move to our new house this Saturday. It kind of seems like the sky is falling. But soon, I know the fog will lift. The stench of vomit will no longer linger and I will soon be able to see and think clearly thanks to a decent night of sleep. (Maybe not tonight, but soon.) Flu season is my enemy. From runny noses and hoarse coughs to fevers and throw-up, I’ve had quite enough of it this year. Here are a few tips & tricks that have made the “getting through” just a tad easier to get through…

Please note that this is what works for me and my family. If you suspect your little one has come down with the flu, always consult your pediatrician.

Mama & Baby: DIY Bath and Body Care Essentials

Back in the day my bathroom used to be stocked to the gills with expensive bath-care products and make-up. Over the years, as I’ve made a slow movement towards natural living and local/organic eating – I’ve become a true convert.

I’ll be the first among many these days to sing the high praises of coconut oil for use in cooking, hair and body care, house-cleaning and baby-care.

Beyond that, I’ve found some tried and true recipes and ideas. For those of you with sensitive skin and a pocket book that squirms with the hefty price tag accompanying natural, organic, hypo-allergenic products, enjoy the round-up!

Rocket Fuel