Bathing Baby

Bathing Baby is a precious part of the day. Read on for cute bathtime game ideas, toys and songs to make bathtime a bonding experience between you and your squirmy squirt.

Stay Warm In The Winter With Disney Baby

The other night I was driving home from my monthly Balderdash game night with friends and the thermometer on my car said it was twenty seven degrees outside!!

To some of you that may seem like nothin’, but for a gal who grew up in southern Texas and then lived in Los Angeles for ten years, twenty seven degrees is WAY COLD!

Winter is officially here in Arkansas and I need to keep my babies warm! Check out these awesome products that help me do just that!

5 Simple Baby Grooming Tips

Babies and toddlers can be brave explorers: always ready to tackle the world around them, no matter the mess they might encounter! Sometimes it’s okay to embrace the mess but at some point, it’s time for fresh faces and clean hands. Here are my 5 simple baby grooming tips to keep your little one looking fabulous!

Bath Time Fun with Dad

Something that I appreciate about my husband is that he handles the kids’ bath time every night. I usually spend the time sitting in bed reading a book or watching a TV show on my iPad. It’s glorious. But I don’t completely unplug because I like to listen in on the fun everyone is having in the bathroom. 

Coming Home to the Bath Toys

We spent the last eight months traveling abroad, and now have finally arrived back to our home and belongings in North Carolina.

I knew my little girls would be excited about opening up boxes of their favorite toys and books and having their play kitchen and bikes back, but I was surprised by what they were most thrilled about.

The day after we moved back in, I ushered both girls into the bathroom for a bath. Just the idea of a bath alone was semi-novel after living in a tiny London apartment with only a shower, but when they saw their bucket full of bath toys, you’d have thought I’d just presented them with a trunk of gold coins.

Nemo Bath Toys

Nemo Bath Toys

My Little Squirt's First Big Girl Bath

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me a Finding Nemo tub and Finding Nemo bath squirters for free.

Amani is a tiny little character. Somehow, she seems so small, but she’s actually bigger than her sisters were at her age. The size of her clothes correlates perfectly with her exact age, sometimes even sizing up. All the while, she appears so little. Perhaps it’s this illusion that she’s still a tiny fish that had me always bathing her in my bathroom sink. After mopping up all the water off the floor from another bath, I realized it’s finally time to move her up to something bigger and more comfortable.

Amani First Bath
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