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Get tips and tricks on traveling with Baby. Whether your trip is a cross-country adventure or an afternoon visit to Grandma's house, these helpful ideas can help guide you every step of the way.

5 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Road Trip With Baby

As summer rapidly approaches, many of us are planning to take road trips with our babies. Maybe we are headed to the beach, or maybe we are off to see family. Wherever the destination, preparing to travel with baby can be stressful. There is so much to do and so much to pack. If you don’t plan carefully, the process begins to take the fun out of the trip before it even starts.

Surviving Snack-Time with Disney Baby

Snack time with a toddler can get tricky. Or should I say messy? Baylor is not afraid to make a mess when it comes to eating, drinking, or anything really. Thankfully we have discovered something that I don’t think we (I) would be able to survive without. The First Years snack containers.

These containers are handy little cups the perfect size for toddler hands with the most convenient lid. The lid is designed so that tiny hands can reach in, but when the cup is tossed about the snack doesn’t come out. Seriously the best cup ever! On the list of things I can’t leave the house without, these cups are at the top along with my baby, my cell-phone, and baby wipes. Ha! Here are some of our favorite The First Years snack containers from Disney Baby.

5 Must-Haves for a Weekend Away with Baby

Whenever your traveling with a little one I feel like we truly are bringing everything but the kitchen sink. I always have so many bags when packing up the family and when I went away this past weekend, I finally decided to streamline my packing process and bringing only our essentials. Last weekend we headed up to the lake house to enjoy the memorial day weekend. From the water to the sun, we were outside almost all day and it was so much fun to take time to enjoy the weekend. That said, I did pack a few must-have essentials for the weekend away with my littles ones.

Click-through what you’ll need when you head out of town with baby! 

8 Tips for Traveling with a 3-Month Old

When my son was just three months old he went on his first flight ever! The flight itself was short, less than 3 hours, but I was super anxious. I guess as a new mom I didn’t know what to expect. There were several other babies on the flight. I remember going down the airplane aisle to grab our seat and looking at the other moms with their babies. It’s like we were motorcyclist giving each other the “wave.” Overall the flight was not as bad as I thought. In fact, it went far better than I had ever expected–the little guy slept the entire flight. We are thinking about going on another trip this year, now that he’s 16 months old, but I thought I’d share a few tips I learned during our first trip.

6 Disney Baby Road Trip Essentials

We are headed on another road trip this weekend with Macks and our two girls. While I am going to try to take my own advice for taking a baby on a road trip, there are also some products that I have to keep on hand while we are in the car.

Disney Baby has everything you need for taking your baby on a road trip this weekend, check out some of my favorites: 

Monsters, Inc 2-Pack Bodysuit Set
Rocket Fuel