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Get tips and tricks on traveling with Baby. Whether your trip is a cross-country adventure or an afternoon visit to Grandma's house, these helpful ideas can help guide you every step of the way.

5 Signs My Car Transports Little Ones

In a perfect world, my car would be pristine and anyone who found out I had two children would be SHOCKED because my car wouldn’t betray a hint.

But even without Cheerios rolling around in the backseat, it’s pretty obvious that I’m transporting little children around wherever I go.

Mom Car

Mom Car

5 Ways to Prepare Before Taking a Road Trip with a Baby

Riding in the car is something that has taken some getting used to for my kids. We lived in the city for so long without a car that most of our time was spent taking the subway, bus, and every once in a while, a taxi.

When we moved to the suburbs and bought a car, Macks did not like it at all. Every time that we put him in the car, he would just cry. He didn’t like being confined at all. While most babies are calm and usually fall asleep as soon as they get in the car, Macks would do the exact opposite.

His dislike for the car made it even more nerve-wracking for me when we decided to take a road trip this summer from our home in Connecticut to our family’s home in Kentucky. A 12-hour car ride (which is more like 15 hours with three kids) was definitely going to be a learning experience for both me and Macks. We made it to our destination with just a few hiccups, but there was definitely a lot that I learned along the way.

Find Your Perfect Stroller

My husband sometimes makes fun of me for having so many strollers packed away in our garage.

But with four children six and under, strollers are an important part of my life–and along every walk of life, there’s a different kind of stroller to push.

8 Tips for Visiting Disney World with a Baby or Toddler

We just got back last week from taking our 19-month-old to Disney World. We live in Miami, so fortunately it’s just a quick 3-hour drive. The first time we took our little one to Disney, he was just 11 months old. It was so amazing to see the difference in how much more alert he was this time. Anytime he would spot Mickey at the park, he would yell “Mickey, Mickey!” and his eyes would light up. We also took our 3-year-old niece, who had a blast.

Here are a few tips we picked up along the way, in case you are planning your own trip to Disney World (or if you’re in California — Disneyland).

5 Must-Haves for Traveling with a Toddler

One of my favorite things about summer is traveling with my family, even if it means going somewhere close for the weekend.  Next week, we’re actually taking a little road trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth” — Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World! Here are a few things I always pack, which all make traveling with a toddler so much easier:


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