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Get tips and tricks on traveling with Baby. Whether your trip is a cross-country adventure or an afternoon visit to Grandma's house, these helpful ideas can help guide you every step of the way.

4 Toys & Baby Gear We’ll Bring With Us on Our Next Family Trip

There are times when you stop and realize that you just need a getaway and soon!! Life can start to speed up quickly and feel like it’s full of places to go, tasks to finish and schedules, schedules, schedules! My husband and I spent some time together recently and realized we both needed an un-plugged mini getaway. No extra people, just Jon, myself and Soren. A time to slow down and be together as a family.

So we booked a cabin in the mountains and have our calendars marked for our mini vacation! We could not be more excited! Not only will this be our first trip as just a family or three but it will also be our time to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!

We Have A Walking Ten-Month-Old!

Bentley, our ten-month-old son is officially walking everywhere! He took his first few steps when he was just nine months old but now he can take fifteen plus steps in a row without falling.

It’s so funny to me watching this little bitty guy walk around. He seems so young to me to be doing something so monumental.

Packing For a Week at Grandma & Grandpa's

My wife and I will soon be traveling alone without our son for just the second time since he was born. The trip is partly business and partly vacation all wrapped into one. Which means he’ll be staying with grandma and grandpa for a week while we’re away. They are ecstatic about having him come visit and I’m sure he’s going to have just as much fun but packing for the week is a big undertaking.

The Only Stroller You Will Ever Need

I’m always amazed with how far strollers have come. There are some really amazing strollers out there. They do it all and come with every feature you can imagine. I won’t even tell you how many strollers I’ve purchased in my three years of motherhood. It’s embarrassing. Every time I turned around there was a bigger and better stroller – and I had to have it!

But I’ve learned now how foolish that was because there is really only one stroller that has stood the test of time. 

How We Found a Babysitter While on Vacation

As I mentioned before, we spent the week before Christmas in Whistler, Canada on a ski vacation with family. While we were excited to tackle the slopes, Wyatt just isn’t old enough to be strapping on skis and flying downhill. Since he was too young for the ski school or the daycare, we had only one other option if all the adults wanted to ski together.

Allow a stranger to babysit.

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