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Hear the funny and heartwarming stories of raising babies from some moms who aren't afraid to share! These stories may make you laugh or cry or both…and you may just find a useful tip or two.

Our Favorite “Spanglish” Book

Since my husband and I are both Hispanic and live in Miami, we are trying our best to raise bilingual kids. It’s not easy since we are used to speaking English most of the time. My son is now at an age where he knows more English than Spanish and prefers to keep it that way. Every once in a while he will want to talk in Spanish but most of the time he refuses.


Liam’s Spiderman Party

My son recently turned 3 years old. Originally I wasn’t going to have a big party for him, since we’ve had big parties the past two years (a nautical first birthday and a safari second birthday). Throwing parties takes a lot of work, so I was planning on keeping it simple this year — but then he ever so sweetly asked if he could have a Spiderman party, and I couldn’t say no!

Thank goodness Spiderman is pretty popular right now, so planning it was a cinch. I was able to find a lot of Spiderman goods at our local dollar store and we chose to have pizza (easiest party food ever!) for everyone to eat. Since it’s also summertime in Miami, we decided to have a lot of outside water games for the kids to enjoy, including a big inflatable water slide.

Liam is recently obsessed with superheroes and his favorite is, obviously, Spiderman. It really warmed my heart to see my son so happy.

Check out a few snapshots from Liam’s Spiderman party.


Lessons from Her Hair: What I Want My Daughter to Know

The bond between a woman and her hair runs deep. It starts when we are little girls. We watch our moms and aunts comb their hair in the mirror, and we wonder what our hair will be like when we grow up. We wonder what kind of styles will look great on us. We want to be just like the women we admire.

Preparing for the First Day of School

Soon my son will be starting school again. He began going to school last year and did really well. He’s going back to the same school, but things will be a little different. Last year, he only attended their half-day program and was in a class with his best friend. This year he will be going full days and sadly was assigned to a different classroom than his friend. 


My Little Mover

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me Huggies Little Movers Diapers for free.

My daughter, at 16 months old, finally found her courage and took her first steps. I can’t tell you how excited and surprised we were when she finally decided to let go and take those steps towards her daddy. We knew for a while that she must know how to walk. She would walk all over the house, but only holding on to someone’s hands. If there was no hand to hold, she refused to budge. But something clicked recently, and she decided that she would give it a try.

When she walks, her face is priceless. She’s so happy and proud of herself. She’s the cutest little mover I ever did see, so we snapped a few photos of her walking around the house in her Huggies Little Movers diaper. Thankfully they give her the freedom to move around and explore without us having to worry about her diaper slipping off. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

She’s also constantly pointing to the Mickey and Minnie on the diaper and saying, “Minnieee.” She’s a fan!

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