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Hear the funny and heartwarming stories of raising babies from some moms who aren't afraid to share! These stories may make you laugh or cry or both…and you may just find a useful tip or two.

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Alone Time

You might read that title and think I’m talking about me, as the mama.

And certainly I do treasure my alone time.

But I’ve discovered that both of my girls crave a little time and space of their own too.

Quiet Time

Magical Moments from Macks' Fifth Month

Macks turned five months last week, and with each month that passes it gets more and more fun. His personality shines and he loves to laugh and “talk” to everyone. One of his favorite things to do is roll over onto his belly the second that you put him on the ground. I’ll put him in one spot, and then walk into the kitchen to come back to see he’s rolled all the way over to a completely different spot in the living room.

It was an exciting month for us, as most of our time was spent outside enjoying every single second of this gorgeous summer weather. And with that comes so many great memories and photo opportunities! Check out some of my favorite magical moments from Macks’ fifth month!

5 Important Lessons from a Dad to His Daughter

Growing up, my father was not a major part of my life. He was around but, unfortunately, our relationship wasn’t very meaningful, especially after his relationship with my mom ended. Thankfully, my mom’s love provided what I needed to become a happy, well-adjusted adult, and the men in my life (two uncles in particular) filled the void. I will forever be grateful for that.

Daddies Diaper Too

Hi. I’m Chad, I’m a dad, and I change diapers.  Specifically of the little one you see me holding here.

I’m the new “dad blogger” joining and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I’m the husband to an amazing woman, dad to a 10-month-old (insert time flying clichés here) and food source to Blazer, our dog.  He’s still wondering if this additional human we brought home in September is going to be staying around.

World Cup with Kids

I don’t know about you, but we have World Cup fever in this house. Soccer (or futbol) is big in the Latin American community. It seems that everyone looks forward to the World Cup every four years and families and friends make it a point to get together to watch the games. This is the first World Cup that my kids get to experience so I’ve tried to make it extra special for them.

When we watch the games we get our flags and soccer jerseys out (yes, we have several). We cheer together and tell them why we are cheering for a particular country. Obviously since my children are half-Colombian we tell them that Colombia is part of their heritage and it’s something to be proud of.

I asked a few other parents of toddlers and babies to share with us who they are cheering for and why. Have you been watching the World Cup with your kids?

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