Baby Stories

Hear the funny and heartwarming stories of raising babies from some moms who aren't afraid to share! These stories may make you laugh or cry or both…and you may just find a useful tip or two.

The Road to Adoption: Our First Curveball

This is part of our ongoing adoption story; read last week’s post right here!

As soon as we decided to proactively pursue international adoption for our family, we knew Kenya was at the top of our list. After all, Kenya was the place Ken visited when he felt the pull to adopt; the first country in Africa he truly fell in love with…

Magical Moments from My First Summer as a Father

This summer has been unlike any other! While the weather has been amazing here in the Pacific Northwest (not always a guarantee), I’ve also spent my first summer as a father. It has exceeded every expectation I could have ever hoped for.

We’ve spent family time at the park, started swimming lessons, taken family trips, and watched as my son grows up right before our eyes. We’re just weeks away from celebrating his first birthday, and he’s steps away from walking.

It truly has been an amazing summer — here’s four reasons why.


Magical Moments from Macks' Sixth Month

Macks is six months old! This month brought so many favorite moments for me. I’m watching as Macks is forming his own little personality. He loves to be held, entertained by his sisters, and is just starting to figure out how to be mobile. I’m treasuring these last few bits of summer that I have with all three of my children before two of them go off to school. I know that Macks will miss having them around during the day because he has really loved all of the things that they do to make him laugh. Most of my best memories of this month are with Macks and his sisters playing with one another. Check out some of my favorite moments from Macks’ sixth month! 

Six Months

Choosing a Daycare for Your Little One

We recently made the decision to start Isabel at a daycare three days a week. I’ve been nervous about this decision, but I’m confident that it’s the best thing for our family right now. Choosing the right daycare for my girl was important to me. I felt overwhelmed at first, but when we found the right place, it just clicked. Isabel has stayed home with me from day one, so I had high expectations for our daycare center.

Here are the things that were most important to me when choosing the right daycare for Isabel.


5 Baby Moments That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Sure, babies make us tired and can cause us to worry quite a bit. I try my best to not worry much, but something about being a mom turns that “worry meter” all the way up. We try to stay calm, cool and collected, but we want the very best for our babies and begin to worry when anything seems to threatens that.

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