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Hear the funny and heartwarming stories of raising babies from some moms who aren't afraid to share! These stories may make you laugh or cry or both…and you may just find a useful tip or two.

3 Nicaraguan Treats That My Little Ones Love

My family is originally from Nicaragua. I’ve grown up on delicious Nicaraguan cuisine, and when I get a whiff of that aroma in the air, I’m reminded of home. I love Nicaraguan food, and I want my kids to love it too.

Lucky for us, my grandmother is an amazing cook, so we get to enjoy my favorite childhood treats often. But if you don’t have a Nicaraguan abuelita (grandmother) in your life, visit a fritanga (Nicaraguan restaurant) to try our top three favorite Nica treats.


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When babies are born, they depend on us for everything. There truly isn’t much they can do without our help. They need us.

As the months fly by, we begin to notice that they don’t quite need us as much as they once did. First, it starts with being able to grab a toy on their own. Next thing you know, they are able to hold their own bottle. Indeed, with time they need us less and less.

My Favorite Age: One and a Half!

I’ve always said that I’m not much of a newborn baby person. I mean, newborns are cute…and snuggly…and they smell so good…and they’re incredibly cute (oh wait, I said that). But it’s not my favorite stage.

There’s another age that feels like heaven to me. It’s at this age that little ones start really discovering the world around them. They’re mostly walking by this age, and saying a few words — but they’re not quite toddlers yet.

That age is one and a half. Oh, how I love this age!

magical age

How We're (Trying) to Plan a Stress-Free 1st Birthday

This week kicks off what we’re affectionately calling “Birthday Week” in our house. Not so much in the sense that we’re celebrating all week, but we’re prepping for Wyatt’s first birthday this coming weekend.

First birthdays come in all shapes and sizes, from large events to small celebrations, but no matter the size, they can be stressful to plan, organize, and enjoy. Though they (hopefully) don’t have to be.

Here’s what we tried to remember to plan a stress-free 1st birthday.

Life Lessons from Our Child's Grandparents

Happy Grandparents’ Day! I can finally say, now that I’m a parent at 32 years old, I finally understand where my own parents have come from all these years. It’s just not something you get at 5, 13 or even 20, really – I don’t think anyone can truly understand the wisdom of their own parents – and why they do what they do – until they become a parent themselves.

Judah is lucky to have four wonderful grandparents in his life: my parents and my husband’s parents. Each of our parents have such wonderful lessons that we as adults finally understand. Even more special, these are the four life lessons they’ll teach our son as his grandparents.

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