Baby Stories

Hear the funny and heartwarming stories of raising babies from some moms who aren't afraid to share! These stories may make you laugh or cry or both…and you may just find a useful tip or two.

Mixing Our Cultural Christmas Traditions

My husband and I both come from hispanic families but were raised in America. We are the children of immigrants and it’s always fascinated me how much we assimilate to the American culture vs how much we retain from our countries of origin.

This is most evident in the way we celebrate holidays. For the most part, as we were growing up, we did Christmas the way our parents had always done Christmas. This meant celebrating Noche Buena and Three King’s Day and not a big emphasis on Santa Claus. But now that we have kids of our own who are more Americanized we have to decide how to mix the American traditions with our Hispanic ones. 

Our Success Using Baby Signs to "Talk" with Our Toddler

Since Wyatt was about 7 months old, we’ve been teaching him baby signs in hopes he would be able to communicate with us about what he wants. We spent months repeatedly showing him just a few signs for things like “eat,” “more,” “milk,” and “all done.”

After months of little progress, suddenly — like a light switch — it all came together, and we’re seeing success with our signs.

Why I Love Noche Buena

In the Hispanic culture, we don’t do much on Christmas Day. That day is mostly reserved for lounging and resting. That’s because the real party happens on the 24th. We refer to Christmas Eve as “Noche Buena,” which means “good night.” Everyone gets in on the party — from the smallest of babes to the abuelitas.

7 Ways I Know My 2-Year-Old Isn't a Baby Anymore

My second daughter definitely still seems like my baby, even though she turned two this week.

She still naps, and uses a pacifier, and loves to be rocked before going to bed while I sing to her (she’s definitely baby enough not to recognize that my voice is pretty poor).

But then I recognize she’s probably not actually a baby anymore.

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