Baby Showers

A sunny future starts with a shower! Get inspired with our fun baby shower ideas, including easy tips on everything from themes to recipes to favors. And for more shower ideas, be sure to visit our sister site,

A Bow Tie Baby Shower: 10 Darling Ideas

I love a simple and fun baby shower theme.

This bow tie baby shower is perfect for a mama anticipating the arrival of a little guy, and there are so many fun ways to incorporate the theme:

Bow Tie Body Suit

Everything You Need to Throw a Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower!

Oh, Winnie The Pooh. One of my most favourite Disney icons. I can call Pooh an icon, right? I mean, as far as magical (and wise!), bears that can talk go…he’s pretty much it!

If I had a third baby on the way, you can bet I’d be having a WTP-themed baby shower, especially with all of the great recipes, DIY favours, game ideas, and party supplies available now! If you’re a fan of Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood, as well as making things easy on yourself — look no further.

I’ve gathered all that you’ll need to throw a sweet little baby shower right here!

11 Adorable and Useful Baby Shower Crafts for Guests to Make

Baby showers are such an exciting event for the mother-to-be and her closest friends and family. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate motherhood and new babies. Baby showers typically consist of food, games, and opening presents. Consider trying something new and give your guests a craft activity that will be useful for the new baby or contribute to the nursery’s design. It gives your friends and family a chance to present the new baby with something heartfelt, handmade, and sentimental. Guests will be able release their creative sides in a fun and useful way. The simple projects will live on long after the baby word search sheets and toilet paper diapers have been recycled.

11 Affordable and Useful Baby Shower Crafts Guests Make

Everything You Need for Baby When You're Waiting to Find Out

With our first, we were so excited at having finally getting pregnant after being told for years that we couldn’t have babies. Our excitement was so huge that we just had to know if we were going to have a boy or a girl. No surprises. Having a baby was enough of a (much welcomed), surprise.

With our second however, things were a little more relaxed. We decided to wait to find out and with that came the purchase of gender neutral baby clothes and other necessities. If you, like me, are waiting to find out if its a boy or a girl, then these gender neutral picks from the Hundred Acre Wood will have you smiling and totally prepared for the arrival of your precious new baby!

These Are a Few of Her Favorite Things

There is just something about the holiday season that begs for the watching of The Sound of Music while curled up under a cozy blanket with hot cocoa. It was on last night and it made me excited for the day when my daughter will be old enough to watch along with me, but until then, I made up a little song about a few of her favorite things to be sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. Please imagine Julie Andrews singing instead of me – it will be much better for everyone that way.

These Are a Few of Her Favorite Things
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