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Finding the perfect baby name is fun but tough. These tips and ideas will help you narrow the list down to just the right name for your little one.

14 Baby Names Inspired by Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because I love love. Valentine’s Day presents us with a chance to celebrate love in an extra special way whether it is by writing a love letter, passing out valentines or preparing a special treat. There are countless ways to show love. Not to mention, the sweetness that comes from a day filled with lovely gestures often trickles into the days after.

Valentine’s Day also presents us with a chance to garner a bit of baby name inspiration. In celebration of February 14th here are 14 baby name ideas for your own little cherub you might just fall in love with.

50 Baby Names Inspired by Great Romances!

Love is in the air… and what a perfect inspiration for some truly romantic baby names! From classic love stories like West Side Story and Casablanca to modern love like How I Met Your Mother and LOST, here are 25 pairs of great romances that are sure to warm your heart and inspire you on your baby naming quest. Click through and you’ll even find some Disney-inspired romantic baby names, too!

15 Baby Names You Didn't Know Were Inspired By Nature

I have a bit of a thing for nature inspired baby names and my running list of baby name favorites is filled to the brim with them. My daughter’s name is Fern, so while we’ve been hunting for baby names, I loved the idea of coming up with another nature name to pair with hers. The problem? Everything I came up with sounded oddly like an Etsy shop. Case in point: one of my girl’s name favorites, Flora. “Fern & Flora”? Definitely Etsy-esque. In our search for a name for baby boy, we’ve finally come upon one that we love. While my husband isn’t ready to let me share it just yet, we’re 95% settled and I can let you in on a hint: the name we chose has a nature meaning. I love that it’s not a typical “nature name,” but it’s kinda fun that it still fits into the nature theme in a secret way. It got me inspired to search for more baby names that have secret nature meanings. There are some really great ones I definitely added to my list of favorites as back up!

15 Baby Names You Didn't Know Were Inspired By Nature

50 Long-Lost Baby Names That Are Making a Comeback

When it comes to baby names, I certainly prefer ones that are unique or more old-fashioned. We named our daughters Adair Lynden (Addie) and Ingrid Grey. Baby #3, that’s due in April, will also have a unique/old-fashioned name. (No, we’re not spilling the beans just yet!) Baby name trends are certainly changing. There’s been a huge shift over the past few years, with more and more parents reverting to old-fashioned or “vintage” baby names. Here are 50 of my favorites that are making a comeback…

35 Girl Names That Used to Be Last Names

One of my college roommates is a professional genealogist. Knowing my interest in baby names, she sent me a list of names she’d run across in her research that used to be solely last names but, over the years, have morphed into first names for girls.

As someone with a last name for a first name myself (Janssen – the vice-president of Sears and Roebuck the year I was born), I love seeing other last names that have taken on new life as first names.

I know someone with almost every one of the names on this list as a first name!

Girl Names
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