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Finding the perfect baby name is fun but tough. These tips and ideas will help you narrow the list down to just the right name for your little one.

50 of the Most Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

If you are expecting a little one, you might be looking for a unique name for your baby — a name that hasn’t ever appeared on any “most popular” list, and one that your little one won’t share with a handful of others in school.

My husband and I always liked unique baby names for our girls. We have three girls — Adair Lynden, Ingrid Grey, and Margot Joan – each with a different, beautiful name.

I’ve done a bit of research for you all and came up with a list of 50 of the most unique baby names for boys and girls. Which ones are your favorite?

Top 10 Baby Names of 2014

I can’t believe that 2014 is coming to a close. As we round out the year, it’s time to see what names were the most popular of those little ones born this year. BabyCenter released their annual list of top 100 baby names for boys and girls this year based on the names submitted to their site. The top spots go to Sophia and Jackson — names that were on the top of the list last year, as well.

I always love checking out these lists to see if my little ones make it. There is so much thought put into your little one’s name that it’s interesting to see if other parents were as intrigued by a certain name as we were. Robert, which is Macks’ real first name, did not make the list this year.

Check out the top names for boys and girl in the list below!

50 Baby Names with Joyful Meanings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? 

So I just had to celebrate with a list of the most joyful baby names of all time — because nothing says true joy like a baby.

The 50 Rarest Baby Names of All!

While everyone’s curious as to what the most popular baby names are in a given year, there’s a lot of valuable information to be found in the names at the very bottom of those lists every year, too. Far, far below all the Sophias and Liams, Masons and Emilys is a treasure trove of rare names that are still fantastic baby name choices. The good news is you’ll practically guarantee you won’t find another baby with your little one’s name in your playgroup!

Here are 50 of the rarest baby names in 2013, according to the Social Security Administration’s top 1000 baby names. The criteria for this list: There had to be fewer than 500 births of each name, and over the 500th most popular names (so, closer to the bottom of the list).

Check out 50 rarest baby name gems I’ve found!

My Favorite Baby Names from Instagram!

I feel very blessed to have such a big following on social media. It has given me the opportunity to make friends that I never would have been able to make before. On Instagram, there is a large community of mommy bloggers that I have actually become quite close with. It’s amazing the instant connection that is formed when you share similar interests and daily stories.

I follow so many people with adorable kiddos and was recently thinking of all of the cute names they have given their children, so I put together a list of my 20 favorite baby names from Instagram. Read on to find out what they are!

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