Baby Names

Finding the perfect baby name is fun but tough. These tips and ideas will help you narrow the list down to just the right name for your little one.

25 Fancy Names for Baby Girls and the Adorable Nicknames That Go With Them

I remember thinking as a kid, that “Lacy” didn’t sound like a very grown-up name. It didn’t sound very fancy. Now that I’m grown and have children of my own, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Names are so important and really play into who we are and who we become. If you’re looking for a fancy baby name for your little baby girl, here are 25 of my favorite. With any name, you’ve got to have a nickname picked out as well, so I’ve included some ideas for those as well. Enjoy!

8 Baby Names Inspired by Disney Fathers

I have always loved looking at different places for inspiration on baby names. There are so many places and things to get ideas from that your possibilities are endless.

Last month, I shared with you some of my favorite baby names inspired by moms in Disney films. With Father’s Day coming up, I wanted to do the same for the fathers that we love to watch in our favorite Disney films. If you have a little one arriving soon and are a huge Disney fan like I am, check out these baby names! 


30 More Baby Names That Aren't Really Names

If there’s one thing I love, it’s word names! Names like Verity and Lark and West just really appeal to me. Awhile back I did a blog post featuring 30 Great Baby Names That Aren’t Really Names and ever since I’ve been finding more, so I thought it was time for an addendum including some more that I really like. I realize that using a word as a name might seem a little odd to some people, but even if you’re a little less adventurous, a word name could make a great option for a middle name! Check them out and tell me what you think! Would you be brave enough to use any of these?

30 More Baby Names That Aren't Really Names

Spanish Baby Names Inspired by Summer

For many school is out (or almost out) and summer time is here! I just love summer. I love the long days, going to the beach, eating popsicles on the porch, and all the fun we get to have as a family. Also, my son is a summer baby (born in August) and I started thinking about all you mamas-to-be who are expecting this summer. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a name maybe one of these Spanish names inspired by this wonderful season will pique your interest. 

summer baby names

My Favorite Boy Names

When I get complimented on Baylor’s name I always say, “Thank you! It was literally the only name my husband and I agreed on!” That is 100% the truth. We didn’t name Baylor until he was born but it wasn’t for lack of trying. The whole 10 months of pregnancy I would compile list after list, send countless texts to my husband, and read baby name books everyday. The only name we agreed on was Baylor. While I am so glad that we chose that name, along the way I found a lot of names that I really loved but my husband denied pretty quickly. Here are some of my favorite names that didn’t make the cut.

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