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Finding the perfect baby name is fun but tough. These tips and ideas will help you narrow the list down to just the right name for your little one.

20 Celtic Baby Names

Did you know that the once dominating baby name “Aiden” (and all the Braydens and Jaydens than followed) has Celtic roots? Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a list of some truly gorgeous and unique Celtic baby names!

In Ireland, babies are often named after relatives but Celtic baby names aren’t just limited to Irish inspired names. Currently, there are six Celtic “nations” or territories where Celtic language and traditions have been culturally preserved spanning the western-most shores of Ireland, up through Scotland and Wales, to the Isle of Man and Cornwall on the coast of England to as far east as the Bretagne (Brittany) region of France. The large swath of regions considered to be part of Celtic heritage make for a wide diversity of spellings and variations on baby names as a result, and all of them beautiful.

If you have a wee lass or laddie on the way, get inspired with 20 of my favorite Celtic baby names for boys and girls!

23 Girl Names Inspired by Springtime in Paris

Have you ever experienced springtime in Paris? Years ago I had the great pleasure of being in Paris during the springtime and can definitely tell you that it lives up to the hype. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Now that I have children, I am eager to take them to Paris one day and let them experience the culture and beauty of it for themselves. A city filled with beautiful museums, cathedrals, rivers, parks, and so much more, it’s only fitting that also has some of the most beautiful names for girls. Here are 23 French names for girls that I think you will love, and they will definitely have you planning a trip to Paris (assuming you’ve never been).

30 Strong One-Syllable Names For Boys

Before finding out I was pregnant with a little boy, I was never all that interested in boy’s names. My list of potential girl names was quite lengthy, but the boy names definitely made up a pretty short list. Since hunting for a boy’s name our own though, I’ve realized just how great little boy names can be and some of my favorites are those of the strong one-syllable persuasion (we even picked a name in this vein for our baby boy, which I announced yesterday if you care to take a peek at our pick). I like that they’re short and sweet and good names for a little guy to grow into. Here’s a list of some of my favorites…

30 Strong One-Syllable Names For Boys

Announcing Our Baby's Name!

Pregnancy isn’t always the most fun or glamorous. There are aches, pains, stretch marks and sleepless nights…but that doesn’t mean it’s not all worth it. It really is and there are even some fun and magical moments along the way. One of my favorite parts of pregnancy? Coming up with a baby name. I’m the type of person who had a running list of baby names long before I was ever pregnant and the moment I saw that little plus sign on the pregnancy test, I was off and running, coming up with even more. This time around I’m pregnant with a boy and I found it was a little bit more difficult coming up with a name, but after a lot of thought, we came up with one that we think will be perfect for him and that we really enjoy. I even had some fun little customized brother and sister shirts made to make the announcement! Click through to find out the name!

Announcing Our Baby's Name!

22 Sweet Baby Names Inspired by Spring

In just a couple of weeks we will all be celebrating the fact that “spring has sprung.” Spring is one of the sweetest of the four seasons. It’s a time to celebrate new life. After the winter months have ended a season filled with blooming flowers, sunny skies and cute baby animals awaits. As a tribute to the season where the Easter bunny makes his appearance as May flowers are our reward for navigating and jumping puddles amidst the April showers, I wanted to share 22 sweet baby names inspired by spring!

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