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Finding the perfect baby name is fun but tough. These tips and ideas will help you narrow the list down to just the right name for your little one.

25 Sweet Baby Names Inspired by Fruit!

A newborn babe is one of the sweeter joys in life. So sweet in fact, that we often immerse ourselves in the magic of it all. Inhaling their smell, kissing tiny fingers and toes and holding them close, knowing that we are just as comforted by their presence as they are by ours. So many aspects of babyhood, and the years that come after are sweet, making a name synonymous with such a worthy contender.

Fruit-inspired baby names are not only fun, but just might be the perfect choice for your little one who happens to be naturally sweet — and lucky for you, always in season. Even if you aren’t quite sold on the idea of a fruit-inspired baby name, take a look anyway, as they also make great nicknames.

Summer Inspired Baby Names

My first baby was born smack in the middle of summer (and I was living in an apartment with no air-conditioning).

At the time, I didn’t even consider using a summer-inspired name, but now, as summer takes the stage, I’m loving the idea of a name that reflects this sunny time of year:

Baby Names Inspired by Latino Artists

I love art. I can’t say I’m especially skilled as an artist but that doesn’t stop me from picking up a paint brush every now and then. My mother is the artist in the family. I’m amazed by what she can do with a canvas and some paint. It’s through her influence that I have an interest in art and have learned about a few artists here and there. I’m no expert but I try. Coming from a hispanic family I have taken a special interest in Latino artists and some of them have some great names. If you are a lover of art and are expecting a baby, perhaps you will want to honor one of these artists by naming your baby after them.

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Sparkly Baby Names Inspired by Birthstones

Are you looking for a little dazzle with your baby’s name? Look no further than to this list of glittering baby names, inspired by gemstones and birthstones. Whether you take your inspiration from your baby’s birthstone or are simply dazzled by this glimmering collection of names, put a little sparkle in your baby’s name with one of these 15 sparkly baby names!

52 Unisex Baby Names From A - Z

It’s no secret that my husband and I are some of the worst baby-namers on the planet.

I mean, that’s not to say that our kids don’t have names, or even nice names, (I happen to think they’re pretty great, of course) but the process of naming babies is brutal to us.

I guess that sort of things happens when you have four children, but nonetheless, I thought it might be helpful to whip us this list for other hapless parents-to-be.

Because what easier way to name a baby than to use a name that would fit for a boy or a girl?

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