Baby Names

Finding the perfect baby name is fun but tough. These tips and ideas will help you narrow the list down to just the right name for your little one.

20 Baby Names Inspired by U.S. Cities

We are heading out for Macks’ first road trip in a couple of weeks, traveling from Connecticut to Kentucky. It is going to be a long trip with all three kids, but I am looking forward to seeing a lot of states that I’ve never seen before. It will be a wonderful learning experience for not only my kids, but also for me.

In honor of our road trip, I decided to share some of my favorite baby names inspired by cities in the United States!


Picking a Strong Latino Name for Our Son

I was never one to obsess over weddings or that I had to be married by a certain age. But one thing I knew for sure even before I got married, was that if I had a boy I would name him Sebastian. I’m obsessed with that name. Fast forward 7 years after the wedding, the hubby and I were so excited to find out we were expecting a baby boy. I immediately thought SEBASTIAN! We’ll name him Sebastian.

Baby Names Inspired by Disney Sidekicks

The sidekick: they’re not the hero, the lead, the big name in the spotlight. But they serve an invaluable role in Disney films – they’re the clutch hitters, the ones making the magic behind the scenes, or sometimes, they just even help our heroes and heroines save the day. They’ve also got some pretty fantastic names, too!

Here are 26 baby names inspired by our favorite Disney sidekicks!

The Beautiful Meaning Behind Amani's Name

Choosing a baby name is such a big decision. Some couples are able to select one with ease, while others are unable to agree until after the baby is born. A name can be passed down from previous generations or it can be a modern variation or hybrid of classic names. As for my newest daughter, I wanted a name for her that would be meaningful and special, yet also pay homage to a dear and beloved person in my life. For those reasons, I chose the name Amani, after my favorite cousin, meaning “wishes, aspirations.”

The meaning of Amani

My Favorite Family Names for Baby

Hispanics tend to use the same names for many family members. Names get passed from father to son or mother to daughter all the time. I think there’s something special about this tradition. I love that we honor older family members by bestowing their names on our children. I wanted to share some of my favorite names from my own family that have been passed down through the years. 

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