Baby Names

Finding the perfect baby name is fun but tough. These tips and ideas will help you narrow the list down to just the right name for your little one.

20 Colorful Baby Names

A few years ago, I heard the name “Navy” for the first time, and immediately loved it.

Since then, I’ve kept an eye out for baby names that come from colors, for both girls and boys.

Here are 20 of my favorites:


Nature-Themed Baby Names Inspired by Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh: he’s more than just a silly ol’ bear: he’s a beloved, classic institution of childhoods around the globe! I love all of the classic Winnie the Pooh stories and films, full of magical adventures with his friends in the 100 Acre Woods. The stories of friendship, love, bravery and compassion make everything about Winnie the Pooh a universally-loved children’s character; combined with the setting of all his adventures in the 100 Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh serves as a wonderful inspiration for nature-themed baby names.

Here are 25 nature-themed baby names inspired by all the magic, wonder and springtime sweetness of Winnie the Pooh!

Baby Names Inspired by Winnie the Pooh

My Favorite Baby Names That May Never Get Used

As my second pregnancy is approaching its final weeks, there is a tiny bit of finality about it that is hanging in the air. I don’t want to say that we’re for sure done having babies, but in my heart I can’t really imagine having more. My husband would love to have a whole brood of little ones (realistically he’d love four), but I always had my heart set on two. Aside from that, as much as I love my children, I don’t particularly love being pregnant and with my 30th birthday falling just a couple of months after my son’s arrival, it kind of just seems like a good stopping place. One thing that does entice me to have more little ones is the prospect of coming up with more baby names. I know it’s not a good reason to have more babies, but I do love baby names and I still have so many favorites that never got to be put to use. I figured that since we’ve already got a name chosen for our little guy, I’d share some of my favorite baby names…the ones that may never get used and that I’m still a little sad about. If we do end up having more kiddos, these are the names we’ll be considering.

My Favorite Baby Names That May Never Get Used

10 Baby Names Inspired by Easter

I’ve always considered naming my kids one of the most important decisions of my life. It’s something that is your decision yet will be with them their entire life. I decided to go with family names for all three of my children, but many people go with names because of the meaning behind them. With spring officially here, that means that Easter is on it’s way. If your little one is due this season or around the Easter holiday, check out these 10 names inspired by the spiritual holiday!


20 Celtic Baby Names

Did you know that the once dominating baby name “Aiden” (and all the Braydens and Jaydens than followed) has Celtic roots? Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a list of some truly gorgeous and unique Celtic baby names!

In Ireland, babies are often named after relatives but Celtic baby names aren’t just limited to Irish inspired names. Currently, there are six Celtic “nations” or territories where Celtic language and traditions have been culturally preserved spanning the western-most shores of Ireland, up through Scotland and Wales, to the Isle of Man and Cornwall on the coast of England to as far east as the Bretagne (Brittany) region of France. The large swath of regions considered to be part of Celtic heritage make for a wide diversity of spellings and variations on baby names as a result, and all of them beautiful.

If you have a wee lass or laddie on the way, get inspired with 20 of my favorite Celtic baby names for boys and girls!

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