Baby Milestones

See which milestones to track as your baby grows, hear from other parents experiencing these firsts, and get great ideas for how to record each big (and small) baby event.

A Week Full of Milestones

Do you ever have moments in life when you just wish you had a pause button? You just want to stop time for just a moment so you can soak it all in. This week Macks hit not one, not two, not even three, but four milestones. Yes four, all in one week.

Why Technology Will Never Replace Actual Face Time

Technology is a pretty great thing. With my wife’s family living several states away, seeing and talking with them through video chat allows everyone to stay connected and still feel a part of Wyatt’s big moments as he grows. It’s convenient, fun, and super simple. But it still can’t replace one very important thing.

Six Things to Celebrate About Six Months with Margot

Our sweet Margot (pronounced Mar-go) Joan is 6 months old this week. Like every mother in the history of the universe, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. No, but seriously. I swear I was pregnant with her for at least two years, and now she’s already 6 months old.

Can we all shed a tear really quick about the difference between these two photos!?!

How to Survive Your Baby's First Year of Check-Ups

Today was the day.

The day that I absolutely dread as a parent–my daughter’s two-month old check-up. The check-up. You know, the one where you have to make the dreaded decision:

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. To space or not to space. To delay or waive.

It’s a tough decision. But someone’s gotta make it. 

5 Ways I'm Getting My Older Children to Help Me Baby Proof

Macks is officially on the move and crawling everywhere. The second that he started crawling, he immediately started to try to pull himself up on everything. It was a very real reminder that I need to baby proof our house and need to do it quickly.

While I’ve done all of the typical baby proofing around the house – baby gate, cabinet door latches, outlet covers – I know that I can’t possibly have my eyes on Macks all of the time, and there will be something that is not capable of being baby proofed that he will get into.

Macks’ sisters are very excited about his new milestone, and while their joy is completely justified, I also wanted to remind them that Macks is at the age where he is very curious about everything, and now that he knows he can move to get to whatever he wants, he is always moving. I’ve showed them the places in the house that we need to be careful of with Macks, but I’ve also let them help in the baby proofing.

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