Baby Milestones

See which milestones to track as your baby grows, hear from other parents experiencing these firsts, and get great ideas for how to record each big (and small) baby event.

Preparing for My First Trip Without My Kids

This week, I will be taking my first trip alone since before I became a mom. As in, I’m getting on a plane and flying to another part of the country, and my kids are staying home with their dad.

I have to say, as excited as I am, I’m also freaking out a little bit. In my 3+ years of being a mom, I have never been away from my kids for more than a day. And every night, I’m always there to make sure they’re sleeping peacefully.


How We're Teaching Our Toddler to Walk

Judah is 16 months old. He can sing along with songs, he can clap on rhythm, and he speaks over fifty words. The only thing he can’t do yet? Walk. Judah is so close: he cruises, he crawls, and a few times now, he’s even let go and stayed standing for thirty seconds. It’s those first steps that continue to elude him. Our doctor isn’t worried and truthfully, neither are we. Some toddlers just take their own time to learn how to walk.

That doesn’t mean we’re aren’t encouraging our son to take his first steps. Here are five ways we’re helping Judah learn how to walk!

How We're Teaching Our Toddler to Walk

Amani's Favorite Time: Tummy Time!

It seems like once a baby learns to do something, it’s all they ever want to do! Amani first rolled over a couple of months ago and has become quite a pro at it. When I place her down, she hardly stays on her back. Instead she rolls over right away onto her tummy. She’s been such a champ at tummy time that I think she’s strengthened her upper body muscles enough to start crawling soon! She’s really been on a roll!

Tummy time for baby

The Quirky Trick That Got Us Through Potty Training

With the birth of Amani, I knew I had to step up my potty training game with Zaynab. Two kiddos in diapers wasn’t something that I wanted to deal with at all. It was time to roll up my sleeves — and my pant legs — and nip this issue in the bud. The only challenge was that Zaynab was not taking to potty training as well as her sisters had. Her sisters were out of diapers within three days. Zaynab wasn’t on board and needed a new trick to eventually transition into undies. Once I discovered what made her go, I was shouting “hooray!” all day long.

Smiles, Laughs, & Tears at the Doctor

It was over in a flash. But the tears, crying, and screaming lasted much longer…or so it felt.

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