Baby Milestones

See which milestones to track as your baby grows, hear from other parents experiencing these firsts, and get great ideas for how to record each big (and small) baby event.

Andres at 20 Months

Last week, our little guy turned 20 months. It’s crazy to think he’s only 4 months short of turning 2. This has been one of my favorites stages by far. He makes me laugh so much and has his own little personality. Here’s an update of Andres at 20 months:

Why the Birthday Boy is the Best Gift of All

We’re just a few days away from Wyatt’s first birthday! It’s exciting, slightly stressful, and a bit emotional. (How’d it happen so fast?) Approaching the day, we’ve been considering gifts, and we’ve had family and others ask us for ideas. It made us think about something we originally hadn’t considered — planning for what’s to come rather then just right now.

My Favorite Age: One and a Half!

I’ve always said that I’m not much of a newborn baby person. I mean, newborns are cute…and snuggly…and they smell so good…and they’re incredibly cute (oh wait, I said that). But it’s not my favorite stage.

There’s another age that feels like heaven to me. It’s at this age that little ones start really discovering the world around them. They’re mostly walking by this age, and saying a few words — but they’re not quite toddlers yet.

That age is one and a half. Oh, how I love this age!

magical age

Caught Snoozing! 13 Sweet Sleeping Baby Pics

Have you ever seen those photos of sleeping babies? They’re always in the middle of the playroom, asleep amidst all their toys, or they’ve fallen asleep during mealtime, sometimes even falling straight into their plate of spaghetti. I’ve always wondered how this happens. My first two children would never fall asleep like this, especially long enough for me to snap a photograph. I’m pretty sure they would wake up at the slightest sound of me breathing. Well, after #3 was born, all of that changed. Margot is our little “dream baby” (as we like to call her) and has been caught snoozing away more than a handful of times. I wish I could take credit for her grand sleeping superpowers, but she’s just awesome all on her own. Here are 13 photos to prove it…

Baby's First Pet

Before Alex and I became parents to tiny humans, we were parents to the most adorable schnauzer on the planet. Jaxon was a dream dog. He was lovable and patient and loyal – everything a dog should be. When Liam came along, Jaxon took to him right away. The two became fast friends.

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