Baby Milestones

See which milestones to track as your baby grows, hear from other parents experiencing these firsts, and get great ideas for how to record each big (and small) baby event.

Shedding My Pre-parenting Beliefs, One at a Time

As a father to a 10-month-old boy, often tradition and expectations say I’m supposed to be excited about my son going into sports. Maybe even push or slightly nudge him into playing one of my favorites – relive Dad’s glory days from high school. Hoping one day he’ll become a superstar athlete and make millions of dollars.

The thought flooded my mind during our walk today, as we stopped to watch a soccer camp at the local elementary school.

Before I had a child, I was guilty of believing that.

Magical Moments from Macks' Fifth Month

Macks turned five months last week, and with each month that passes it gets more and more fun. His personality shines and he loves to laugh and “talk” to everyone. One of his favorite things to do is roll over onto his belly the second that you put him on the ground. I’ll put him in one spot, and then walk into the kitchen to come back to see he’s rolled all the way over to a completely different spot in the living room.

It was an exciting month for us, as most of our time was spent outside enjoying every single second of this gorgeous summer weather. And with that comes so many great memories and photo opportunities! Check out some of my favorite magical moments from Macks’ fifth month!

A Mom's Milestone: Leaving Baby for the First Time

As a mom, it’s easy for me to speak of the milestones that Macks has accomplished these past five months. Smiling, rolling over, and laughing are so easy and exciting to share with everyone. What’s not shared as much is the milestones that we make as moms.

How I'm Documenting Margot's First Year

To document Margot’s first year, I wanted to do something cute, but also simple. I have always loved the idea of taking weekly photos, capturing her growth and progress for an entire year. But, it always seemed like a BIG job, something that I certainly wouldn’t have time for. Turns out, it’s a lot easier than I thought! With a super simple backdrop and a few cute “props” from her room, I’ve been able to take some pretty adorable photos of Margot each week…

10 Signs Your Baby is No Longer a Newborn

Margot is officially 12 weeks old now, and I’ll be honest, it breaks my heart. I LOVE the newborn stage. LOVE IT. I’m a sucker for teeny tiny babies too small for their clothes, the “newborn baby” smell, and the adorable puppy sounds they make during their first few weeks of life. Now that Margot is 12 weeks old, I’m realizing that she’s not a newborn anymore…

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