Baby Milestones

See which milestones to track as your baby grows, hear from other parents experiencing these firsts, and get great ideas for how to record each big (and small) baby event.

8 Beginner Chores for Toddlers

As your baby grows, they become more and more of their own little person. With that, comes learning about responsibility and taking care of yourself. With our girls, we have tried our best to teach them how to clean up after themselves, at a pretty early age. Somewhere around 18 months, our girls were old enough to understand the basics of chores, and could easily do them with our help. If you are wondering where to start, consider one of these eight chores…

Magical Moments from My First Summer as a Father

This summer has been unlike any other! While the weather has been amazing here in the Pacific Northwest (not always a guarantee), I’ve also spent my first summer as a father. It has exceeded every expectation I could have ever hoped for.

We’ve spent family time at the park, started swimming lessons, taken family trips, and watched as my son grows up right before our eyes. We’re just weeks away from celebrating his first birthday, and he’s steps away from walking.

It truly has been an amazing summer — here’s four reasons why.


Magical Moments from Macks' Sixth Month

Macks is six months old! This month brought so many favorite moments for me. I’m watching as Macks is forming his own little personality. He loves to be held, entertained by his sisters, and is just starting to figure out how to be mobile. I’m treasuring these last few bits of summer that I have with all three of my children before two of them go off to school. I know that Macks will miss having them around during the day because he has really loved all of the things that they do to make him laugh. Most of my best memories of this month are with Macks and his sisters playing with one another. Check out some of my favorite moments from Macks’ sixth month! 

Six Months

15 Months, 15 Words

Judah is a talker. At 15 months old, he has close to 50 (!) words that he can say, from objects and people to animal sounds and other fun words. On top of that, he confidently understands over two dozen words and phrases and recognizes his favorite songs now! I’m so glad I created a Word Wall to help keep track of his language development – it’s become more than just a neat keepsake of baby’s first words: we’re using it as a learning tool on a daily basis.

We think that Judah has picked up so many words from the fact that both his Mom and Dad have the gift of gab, as well as his time at daycare two half-days a week, and all of the places we take him. In addition, we read to Judah almost every day, and I spend a lot of time singing and pointing out words and things to him all the time. It’s just a part of how I interact with him. Judah is surrounded by words and language, and he is clearly soaking it all up like a happy, babbling sponge!

Some words we hear just about every day from Judah: Click through to see Judah’s favorite 15 words at 15 months old!

Tips for Planning Your First Date After Baby

Between changing diapers and household chores, dates with your spouse might seem like something from the past now that you’re a new parent. But making time to rekindle the romance is just as important in my book. Five months after our son was born, the hubby and I finally went on a date. Here are a few tips for planning a date with your honey and enjoying it too!

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