Baby Milestones

See which milestones to track as your baby grows, hear from other parents experiencing these firsts, and get great ideas for how to record each big (and small) baby event.

15 Creative Ideas for Monthly Milestone Pictures!

It is remarkable how quickly babies grow before our eyes. So many changes occur: they begin to develop those little charming personalities we end up falling in love with, they learn new things, and take on favorites and as well as dislikes.

Many times, I have found myself saying how I wish I could turn back time – or how I wish my children were little babies again. I think as parents, if we could, we would keep them small forever. No matter how fun they get as they grow, there is something very special about those early months.

It is almost impossible to capture every moment, even though many of us have tried. But what we can do, instead of having hundreds of blurry photos with poor lighting in our camera roll, is to set aside a little time each month to take a milestone photos. Below I have listed some creative ideas for these types of pictures.Monthly milestone photos are a great way to not only capture your child in that specific age, but are also a great way to see how much they have grown and changed.

Want to take it to the next level? Try combining some of these ideas for memorable and unique pictures.

15 creative monthly milestone photo ideas_alicia gibbs

15 creative monthly milestone photo ideas_alicia gibbs

Magical Moments from Macks' Ninth Month

Macks’ recently turned nine months old, and it’s so crazy to think that in just a few short months he will be turning one year old. As time quickly passes, I’ve been trying to cherish every single magical moment that we experience.

Month nine was filled with so many milestones. First was that he is finally at an acceptable weight and we no longer have to go for weight checks! This was huge for us, and I am so happy that he is a healthy growing boy. He’s also started to pull himself up and stand on his own. If he’s anything like his sisters, he will be walking very soon.

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to look back at all of the magical moments Macks’ experienced in his ninth month. I am so thankful to have him in our lives.

New Tricks

"Is He Walking Yet?"

It’s the question we hear over and over again: “Is Judah walking yet?” The answer is, of course, no, Judah is not walking yet… but here’s why we’re not worried about it.

3 Things I Wish I'd Done for Our Baby's Baptism

Curiously, with every baby I have had, their baby hood seems to zoom by faster and faster. 

By the time we had our fourth baby, I swear I blinked and she was already almost two months old–how did that happen?

It was about the time when I figured out how fast time really does go by that I finally got around to setting up my daughter’s baptism–and of course, as most things go with kids, things didn’t exactly go as I planned.

7 Reasons I Think My Toddler is Ready to Potty Train Early

They say that most children are ready to potty train between the ages of 22 and 30 months. My daughter was a late bloomer; she wasn’t fully potty trained until the age of 3 or so. One day, she just took off her Pull-Ups® training diaper and said she didn’t need it anymore because she was a big girl.

However, my 17-month-old son is already showing signs that he is ready to quit the diaper now. Here are seven reasons I think he may be ready to potty train.

I think my toddler is ready to potty train

I think my toddler is ready to potty train
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