Baby Memories

Your baby grows up quicker than you think, and you'll want to remember every memory. These easy scrapbook and memory-making ideas will help you record every milestone.

Macks is Walking!

It seems as if Macks is following in his big sisters’ footsteps. Literally! Last week as I was about to run out of the door to leave for the train station, I was kissing Macks goodbye. He was standing and holding onto the couch playing with his big sister, Harlan. As I let him go to walk out the door, he let go of the couch and tried to follow me. But instead of crawling behind me, he took five steps and then fell to the ground. 

An Ode to Baby Thighs

I bet you guys can’t guess what this post is going to be about, can you?

All right, I confess–I love baby thighs and I can not lie.

My Baby's First Time on TV!

Occasionally I go on a do a bit of spokesperson work on Telemundo 47′s Noticiero Primera Edicion. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do a “kids’ holiday outfits” segment and used both of my children as models. It was a great experience for the whole family, as it was my first time working with children on television… and my children’s first time on live TV.

Aarlen's First Time on Television

Aarlen's First Time on Television

One Thing I Wish I Had Done with All My Kids

Each of my pregnancies and deliveries were different. Every daughter and her temperament is different. Heck, all my girls look different. I’ve tried hospital birth and home birth. We’ve done conventional pureed food and baby led weaning. I’ve had babies that preferred the car seat while others were happiest in baby carriers.

Yet, there are some things I’ve always done exactly the same with each of them. I’ve always breastfed for a year and three months, used disposable diapers, starting solids at 6 months, and preferred wooden toys. Those are just a few examples of some parenting aspects that I felt comfortable to stick with.

However, there is one thing I wish I had done with all of my children from the beginning.

Baby Month by Month pictures

Appreciating the Small Things Again

As busy as my life is, having a baby has made me slow down, but in a good way. The needs of such a little thing take precedence over many tasks that used to occupy me. Instead of standing at the grocery store, debating a little too long which salad dressing to try, I know I need to get home quickly because Amani doesn’t enjoy being out of the house too much. I’d much rather be home hanging out with my girls than out in a busy supermarket with four kids anyways. With Amani in the house, I’m enjoying how sweet the small details in life are.

Baby and Sister
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