Baby Memories

Your baby grows up quicker than you think, and you'll want to remember every memory. These easy scrapbook and memory-making ideas will help you record every milestone.

A Look at the Year - My How He's Grown!

In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating Soren’s first birthday! It’s currently SO cold in Georgia…this time last year, I was very pregnant and we were getting lots of snow and ice. I remember being so anxious to meet Soren and just counting down the days until I would become a mommy and finally get to meet my little man. I have felt extra nostalgic these past couple days as we’ve been planning Soren’s birthday. Looking through pictures, watching videos. It’s been an incredible road…2014 was a year I will always cherish and remember.

I am absolutely amazed at how much growing little ones do in only a year. Going from being tiny ones to nearly toddlers in 12 months is crazy. Learning to babble, play, sit, stand, walk, dance, eat, make silly sounds, laugh, smile, reach. Every little and big milestone has been an incredible joy to watch.

I’ve been so honored to be Soren’s mommy. He’s taught me a lot about myself and given me the incredible role of motherhood. He has brought our little family so much joy and continues to make us laugh and love life even more.

To celebrate almost 1 year, I’m sharing some of my favorite photos from 0-11 months. :)

A Winter Beach Trip

I can’t lie that I often lament the city we live in during the fall, when I see my friends from other parts of the country posting pictures of golden yellow leaves and comfy scarves and cute boots. But when winter comes around, I’m laughing all the way to the beach as those same friends are trying to dig their cars out of the snow. 

When Daddy Comes Home

It’s 6 or 7 in the evening. The house is in “daily disarray” mode. Books, tutus, pillows, backpacks, dolls, drawings, socks, and anything else that interested the kids that day, is all strewn about the house. Between testing my oldest on her spell-a-thon words and watching Zaynab do a combo jump/somersault for the 18th time, I’m cooking up something that I hope the family will accept as “dinner.”  Amani has gotten into the cookbooks again, while Maysoon is bouncing off ideas for the farm she wants to run when she’s older. All the delicious recipes, quiet time activities, and organization tips that are sitting neatly in my Pinterest boards can’t save me now. There’s only one thing I’m waiting for that will be my saving grace.

Baby with Dad

5 Ways I Get My Daughters to Help with the Baby

I wasn’t sure how to prepare myself for three kids. Other than the usual of buying diapers and baby gear, there really wasn’t anything I could do to prepare myself for the joy and exhaustion that comes with having three little ones under one roof.

It took a couple of weeks for me to take hold of having three kids. I had help for the first six weeks from family, but soon after, everyone had to go back to their daily lives and I had to face reality of being at home with all three by myself. While it was tough at first, and I still have my days where it gets harder than I could have ever imagined, I quickly learned that having two older children can work to my advantage. They not only love their little brother, but they wanted to help him in any way that they could.

Here are five ways I get my daughters to help with the baby:

Big Sister's Love

Recovering from the Holidays

We’re halfway through the first full week of the new year. The kids are back in school and daycare and I’m back in front of the computer working. And let me just say, I am dragging.

My son’s school sends out a monthly calendar with school events. December was chock full of fun! There were parties and concerts and special in-house field trips. I looked over the January calendar this week and it is bare bones. 

Rocket Fuel