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Noche Buena Traditions I Want to Pass Down to My Children

After Thanksgiving, Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) has to be my all-time favorite holiday. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved it — so much so, that I want to ensure that I pass down the traditions of Noche Buena on to my children as my mother did to me.

Noche Buena is all about love and family like most holidays, but the combination of the tree and decorations, glasses of eggnog, twinkling lights, nostalgic holiday music, and laughter in the background make it probably one the most beautiful and memorable holidays.

When it comes to traditions, there are the classic singing, dancing and board games — but here are the 4 Noche Buena traditions that I want to pass down to my children…

Noche Buena Traditions

6 Simple Ways We're Making the Holidays Magical

There’s just something about Christmas with little ones that is extra special. I was never super big on Christmas before I had kids, but now that they’re here it’s like I want to make everything extra magical for them. With the busy-ness of this season it’s easy to get overwhelmed with to-do lists, but there are definitely some simple ways to make this time of year a big more magical. Here are some things we’re doing to capture some Christmas magic in our family…

6 Simple Ways We're Making the Holidays Magical

Why I Love Noche Buena

In the Hispanic culture, we don’t do much on Christmas Day. That day is mostly reserved for lounging and resting. That’s because the real party happens on the 24th. We refer to Christmas Eve as “Noche Buena,” which means “good night.” Everyone gets in on the party — from the smallest of babes to the abuelitas.

5 Things My Baby Boy Does That Melt My Heart

It might be the holidays, or perhaps the fact that my little baby will be turning two next month that has me all mushy gushy inside. He will do something so sweet that will have me on the verge of tears.

Oh Andres, please don’t grow up.

Here are 5 things my little one does that absolutely melt my heart:

Why I’m Buying Special Christmas Ornaments for Baby

I have to admit that I was never into special Christmas ornaments before. I knew other people who would buy them for every occasion: Just Married, Baby’s First Christmas, New House, etc. But I just wasn’t into it.

When my husband and I got married, I didn’t get any special commemorative ornaments. Actually, we just went to the store and got the cheapest plastic ones we could find.

But once we started having kids, I started changing my tune a little bit. 

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