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10 Ways to Make Summer Magical on a Budget

We’ve been enjoying our summer days over here. Some days we’ve opted to stay indoors in an attempt to escape the heat. Other days we’ve bravely ventured beyond our front door in an effort to enjoy the California sunshine. This summer we’ve haven’t done any traveling, choosing to go on a few “local adventures” instead. Between a part-time summer program for our oldest and moving, we decided that we would save up for some family goals and plan for our daughters upcoming birthdays in August in September.

With a toddler and big kid in tow we’ve still managed to make summer fell pretty magical even on a budget. We’ve shared small moments that made for some big memories. Summer will be over soon but there’s still time to partake in some family fun without “breaking the bank.” Here are 10 was to make summer magical on a budget:

  1. Enjoy a cold treat – Going out for ice cream or some other frozen goodness always feels like a treat. We’ve had a few spontaneous ice cream and frozen yogurt adventures. Our time in the shop allows for talking, sharing flavors and occasionally a little instagramming for mom. (or have an ice cream party at home)
  2. Splash pad – Going to the splash pad is a fun outing that doesn’t require much more than a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and water shoes.
  3. Beach trip – If you aren’t opposed to a little stand in between your little ones toes (or the seats of your car) the beach is always a fun summer outing. Save by packing a picnic lunch.
  4. Picnics – Eating outdoors can be a lot of fun, particularly at the park (or outside on your patio). Pack foods and snacks that are easy to for little hands to grab and if you’ve got a runner you may want to swap your sandals or running shoes.
  5. Bubbles – Babies and toddlers love bubbles. One jar of soapy water can entertain them for a long period of time.
  6. Enjoy a few treats synonymous with summer – Watermelon and berries are amongst our favorite treats. Even more fun going to a Farmer’s Market to get them (and sample some new fruit and veggie fair).
  7. Cook together – Make a special treat to enjoy together such as a fruit salad. Take turns tossing favorite fruits in a bowl, stir and enjoy!
  8. Get messy! – Let your little ones get messy creating masterpieces then go outside and clean off using the water hose.
  9. Movie night – Have a family movie night – don’t forget the snacks!
  10. Indoor camping – Pitch a tent indoors. One of my favorite memories with my girls was putting up our tent for the day in the living room and later eating pizza in it.

What are some other ways to enjoy the season with out spending a lot of money?

23 Things My 23-Month-Old Loves

Month 23 has sort of felt golden. Although I’ve already come to terms with the idea of having a toddler, this month feels like the last month she’ll be a baby. Each day she wants to snuggle with me or says “I hold you” (her way of asking to be picked up) I feel a sense of relief and gratitude. It feels as if I’ve been given one more day to enjoy this beautiful journey through babyhood. My heart aches knowing my baby girl is growing up taking leaps and bounds towards being a big kid. In reality I know we still have a ways to go and yet it still feels so close.

At 23-months-old here are some of the things that Lola is into:

Raising a "Firecracker"

The other day I was scrolling through my camera phone and stopped to look at a few photos from the Fourth of July. It’s one of my favorite holidays mostly because of the fireworks and partially because of the funnel cakes we always get at the firework show.

I often refer to my Lola as a little “firecracker.” She’s loud, energetic and full of light. She commands our attention and at times we all find ourselves captivated (or baffled) by this tiny human who made her way into our lives and hearts. She’s a fiery little one quick to assert herself and she loves fiercely.

The Gift of Sisterhood

When your family is going through a host of changes, some intentional and some unexpected, it’s hard not to wonder what the future will hold. As parents, we plan and prepare as best we can, but we also know that there will be situations that we weren’t prepared for. There will be lessons learned that no teacher or book could have taught us, and no study guide could have helped us through.

But sometimes, you’re fortunate enough to have someone there — to help you navigate life, to cheer you on, and to comfort you when life is being a bit unkind.

We parents like to be that for our children, but I find myself so grateful that Mommy and Daddy aren’t the only ones alongside our Lola as she ventures through life.

“Sister” is there also.

In a world filled with such uncertainty, I find myself especially thankful for moments like this:

She's Growing Up: 3 Things I Wish Did More of in the Last 21 Months

I’ve never been particular about the gender of my kids. I just wanted healthy children. When I got pregnant with my daughter, it seemed like everyone assumed I wanted a girl because I already had a boy. I actually didn’t, though. I just wanted a healthy child. When Jada entered our world in October of 2012, her gender was the least of my concerns. I was just thrilled that she was healthy and here.

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