Baby Memories

Your baby grows up quicker than you think, and you'll want to remember every memory. These easy scrapbook and memory-making ideas will help you record every milestone.

Cooking with Abuelita: Gallo Pinto

I mentioned in an earlier post that gallo pinto is one of my family’s favorite Nicaraguan dishes. We visit my grandmother once a week and she will usually cook a little something for us with Liam’s help. It’s fun for him to learn and we all get to enjoy the delicious outcome.

This week we had gallo pinto. The secret to a good gallo pinto is to use day-old rice. I’m telling you, it’s the best. Then you can mix in the beans and any other leftovers you may have. That’s what I love about my grandmother’s gallo pinto. It’s always a little different depending on the mix-ins she adds. Check below for the recipe.

My 6 Favorite Things About My 6-Month-Old

I will forever cherish the moments I get to spend at home with my boys while they are so young, and I can’t believe six months has flown by so quickly. Next thing I know, I’ll blink and Bentley will be in high school. What a special thing it is to be a parent.

There are so many things I love about both of my boys, but I have somehow picked my top 6 favorites about Bentley. Here they are!

He Did It! Macks' First Sign

The first time that I decided that I wanted to teach my children sign language, my husband thought I was crazy for starting as early as I did. Every time that I would nurse our then newborn daughter, I would give her the “milk” signal. I continued to do this at every nursing session for the first nine months.

Lo and behold, at nine months old, Harlan gave us the milk signal. It was one a moment that I’ll never forget and a great accomplishment as a mother.

How Daycare Helped My Son

For a long time I was weary of daycare for my children, but now I have a totally different outlook.

Make Amazing Family Videos with Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is here… have you tried it yet? Hyperlapse allows you to create gorgeous time lapse videos with a cinematic feel. This free iPhone app from the makers of Instagram is probably my new favorite app as a mom with a toddler on the move! I love creating little videos of Judah moving and grooving; it’s such a neat way to capture so many of the magical moments of him growing up. Now, with Hyperlapse, I can create videos of our family adventures in a whole new way and I have to admit – I’m hooked!

Take a look for yourself how you can capture the magic of a day in the life of your little one with Hyperlapse!

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