Baby Memories

Your baby grows up quicker than you think, and you'll want to remember every memory. These easy scrapbook and memory-making ideas will help you record every milestone.

Why Our Little Monsters Love Bathtime

My sons have always loved the water so it hasn’t been a task getting them to take a bath, but that doesn’t mean I’m not on the hunt for ways to KEEP bath time fun! And these adorable Disney Baby products help me to do just that! Check them out:

My Toddler's Love for Sweets

I don’t think I ever meant to purposely use sweets as a bartering tool with my toddler, but somehow it has become a last ditch, go-to source to either ease a situation, calm a tantrum, or change his focus to something else. It isn’t always my first option though. However, my dad (“Grandpa”) quickly learned that sweets are the way to my son’s heart.

My Toddler's Love for Sweets

My Toddler's Love for Sweets

My Little Blogger Baby

I believe this a case of life imitating art. Is that how the saying goes? Or it could just be that I am on my laptop so often around my son that as soon as I step away, he steps in? If only he could really type and finish off a few of my tasks. Some days I could really use an assistant to syndicate blog posts, mingle on social media, and pin my posts, but alas, there are labor laws against blogger babies, no?

My Little Blogger Baby

A Fun Valentine Breakfast For Your Little Ones

Valentine’s Day is always special in our home, as it is my birthday! This year I will be twenty nine years old. And my birthday happens to be KJ’s half birthday! He will be two and a half years old.

It doesn’t always take a huge party to celebrate fun occasions. Here is a fun and easy breakfast idea to ring in Valentine’s Day with your little ones!

A Boy And His Best Bud Mickey

Lately, KJ has become very attached to his stuffed animal- Mickey Mouse toy! Take a look inside to see what a day is like for these precious best buds KJ and Mickey:

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