Baby Gift Ideas

Get the scoop on the best gift ideas for Baby from our favorite experts: moms! From the adorably creative to the super-practical, find unique items any mom-to-be is sure to love.

A Magical Minnie Mouse Themed First Birthday Party

My niece Phoenix just turned one! My-oh-my how time flies by. My sister-in-law Sarah and her mom and sister put her party together. They decided on a Minnie Mouse theme. It was the most adorable birthday party I’ve ever been to!

Read on for some ideas for throwing your own Minnie Mouse themed birthday party and to see adorable pics of Phoenix’s party!

Grab These For Your Baby's Christmas Stocking

I’ve written before about Bee’s affection for Dumbo, so this holiday season, I knew a big-eared elephant in her stocking would make her smile. If you’re looking for a sweet stocking stuffer for the Dumbo-lover in your life, here are a few perfectly-sized options, all under $20!:

The Cutest Reusable Snack Bags + 3 Fun Uses

Bumkins has rolled out with some of the cutest Disney snack bags! They’re absolutely adorable and perfect for adding a splash of Disney magic to your day. No matter how messy the snack, the reusable bags can be washed in the wash machine or dishwasher. With a variety of characters to chose from, you can coordinate your snack bag with your little one’s outfit. Think outside of the snack box with the following fun ideas for these versatile bags.

Bumkins Disney Baby Reusable Snack Bag

The Sweetness of Baby's First Stuffy

I can’t really remember the first stuffed animal I purchased for my daughter (I think it was a handmade doll?), but I do remember the first stuffed animal she chose for herself, and it’s one that I will save forever.

It was during her first trip to Disneyland at the age of 15 months. We went with my mom, and while we were there, my mom told her she could choose a dolly to take home with her. The park gift store was vast and she painstakingly perused the shelves of toys, dismissing them as she shuffled along with her signature toddler toddle. And then she saw it. The perfect doll… just for her.

The Sweetness of Baby's First Stuffy
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