Baby Gift Ideas

Get the scoop on the best gift ideas for Baby from our favorite experts: moms! From the adorably creative to the super-practical, find unique items any mom-to-be is sure to love.

My Perfect Go-To Baby Gift for New Moms

When you have your first baby, you need so much new stuff. It’s rather exciting to receive all the new items including cool baby gear and adorable tiny outfits. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what a new mom needs because you’re not sure about what she may already own. That’s why I like to give a gift that’s practical and useful.

Huggies Disney Baby Gift

Why We Hope To Have A Little Princess Of Our Own

I stay very busy as a blog-at-home mom with two little boys. I definitely have my hands full just having a family of four but part of me really wants another baby!

I wrote previously about missing having a newborn in the house. I wonder if our next baby will be a boy or a girl?

I will love our next child, no matter what gender he/she is but I have to tell the truth…I definitely would love to have a little girl one day.

Here’s why:

Why Our Little Monsters Love Bathtime

My sons have always loved the water so it hasn’t been a task getting them to take a bath, but that doesn’t mean I’m not on the hunt for ways to KEEP bath time fun! And these adorable Disney Baby products help me to do just that! Check them out:

A Boy And His Best Bud Mickey

Lately, KJ has become very attached to his stuffed animal- Mickey Mouse toy! Take a look inside to see what a day is like for these precious best buds KJ and Mickey:

NEW: It's a Small World Collection at Target!

I’m so excited to share with you the latest Disney Baby collection: It’s a Small World, now available at Target! This adorable new collection features everything from clothing to plush toys to bibs and blankets. With a brightly colored theme of cute animals in the classic It’s a Small World style, this is one spring collection for baby you don’t want to miss out on!

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